Sony: $299 Blu-ray Player In 3 Years

Waiting for those $999 Blu-ray players to drop under $500?

Well, you may have to wait awhile. Sony says it could be three years before the player drops to $299 or $399.

In an interview with CNET's, Sony President Stan Glasgow noted that DVD player prices took a few years before they reached more affordable levels.

"If you go back to when DVDs came into play, it took about three years until they got into price points of $299 to $399. I suspect it's about the same thing here with Blu-ray. I think it's going to take up to three years to get down to those price points, possibly a little longer,"

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Marriot VP5227d ago

Oh okay, so that's when people are going to start to consider to buy a BR drive for their home and family.

Seriously it took DVD at 100$ in order for it to really pick up and get one in every house.

Marriot VP5227d ago

Also, atleast sony's being realistic with the prices of 300-400. I really want to see how HD players prices start to drop to semi-affordable levels.

untouchable5227d ago

The HD-DVD Player is only $400 right now in 3 years it will be like $100 LOL. Sony with their Blu-ray is a joke.

MicroGamer5227d ago

Too bad Toshiba is lining up Chinese, Taiwanese and S. Korean manufacturers to produce $199 HD-DVD players right now.

InMyOpinion5227d ago

Yep, cause in 2 years no one will watch blu-ray.

sak5005227d ago

Sony players anyway, sony products have always been more expensive then the competition even though comepetition products were much better. I do hv a Sony 50" LCD tv. I'd go for HD-DVD player for xb360 now and maybe a hybrid (HD/Bluray) player when it'll come later this year

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