AAA Video Games Sale On PS4/Xbox One: Up To 62% Off

The best developers working with the highest budgets often produce top quality games. These fall into the “AAA” rating, and are generally the most desired games on the market. Indie games are a great change of pace, but AAA titles still rule the roost. Amazon is currently having these titles on sale, and they’re pretty nice deals.

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Uncharted Unreal Engine 5 Imagining From MachineGames-Indiana Jones Designer is a Sight to Behold

A stunning Uncharted Unreal Engine 5 imagining has been released, featuring cutscenes, platforming, combat, stealth, and vehicles.

Created by Daniel Arriaga, a level designer at MachineGames on the upcoming Indiana Jones game, this fan concept is a solo developer project.

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RaidenBlack140d ago

to reiterate, this is just a hobby project by a single developer

isarai140d ago

As a one man project this is awesome as hell!

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lellkay139d ago

Impressive considering its a one man effort!

Nacho_Z139d ago

Nate looks like he's been charting the lost city of Marijuana.

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Uncharted Love: How Nate & Elena Found Their Happily Ever After

This Valentine's Day got me thinking of some of my favorite video game couples. Specifically, Nate and Elena from the Uncharted Series.

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Celebrating 10 Years of PS4 with Our Favourite Games

Push Square's editorial team delve into their favourite PS4 games.

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Crows90241d ago (Edited 241d ago )

The best games of their generation too. Its incredible how great most if not all of playstations games are. Whether you like the stories or not you cant deny the quality of each title.

Hated tlou part 2. But im going to buy it when it is cheap enough because i want to play the remastered content for $10 extra dollars. Theyre adding a roguelike mode...thats going to be fun!

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