Getting facts straight about the next-gen war

From the article: "Throughout the Internet there has been constant bickering over which company will win the console war, whether Microsoft, Nintendo or Sony. Understandable, too, as gaming seems to be such a tri-polarized industry – with legions of loyal fanboys in all camps."

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grifter0245228d ago

Wow I love this type of unbiased information. Apparently we are not suppose to see that the 360 is winning in most category's huh. Plus holding onto #1 with a tight grip.... ok whatever you say buuuudy. The psp is in a different category and it has problems of its own(ds) ,the ps2 ill admit has been doing good and still does pretty good but when *Most* people compare consoles they compare same gen consoles. The ps3 is floundering right now and there really isnt anything you or any other fan boy can do about this,its up to the developers and the like to fix this problem for you guys. The 360 is doing good because they figured out what most consumers wanted and did it, They didnt promise something they couldnt give,and they didnt lie every other day. Just relax and stop posting things that you cant really change ok, Plus having information about whos winning on a ps forum is bad, talk about biased.... most people here will talk trash about your post because its biased toward ps and not equal for each console... lata

DJ5228d ago

Wait until next Fall to make a more realistic judgment about the fate of these consoles.

Marriot VP5228d ago (Edited 5228d ago )

yah I'd say the end of next christmas cause than we'll see how all the demographics buy in or don't buy in to whichever console.

marionz5228d ago

xbox 360 has won this time no matter how you look at it, unless we are talking about playing movies anyway

Harry5227d ago

So the consoles have to wait for the PS3 to catch up now?

NoUseMerc5228d ago

I think the editorial is the best way of saying that the PS3 isnt as bad as most people say it is. The article is not trying to be biased, more like saying, people need to look at real stats and see that the PS3 has only been out for two months and is doing great.

Sure you get developers that say bad things about the console, but working in the game market I have talked to many developers who love the PS3 and cant wait to learn more on how to use it to its full extent. Its such a powerful machine and it uses a different set up than traditional systems making it a bit harder to develope for at the moment. As soon as studios have time to work with it and play with it for a bit, they'll begin to unlock its true potential.

I agree that the Xbox 360 is doing great. Great sales, great line-up of games, ect. On the flip side, the storage on the disks is already causing a bottleneck for developers. Also, as soon as the PS3 is given more time, the library of games that Sony can unleash is huge providing more options to all gamers. Although, from talking with an industry insider, MS may plan to eventually use the HD-DVD add-on, or with the new Zypher bundle.

InMyOpinion5228d ago

But I guess the author of it is a Ps3 fanboy, since he can't spell.

grifter0245227d ago

I meant biased because people will look where you posted your information and it happens to be on a ps forum. Thats what I meant,so most people will think your simpathetic to the ps which I dont really care but most people will not listen to you cause they think your biased about the ps . Thats all I meant by being biased.

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The story is too old to be commented.