Top 10 Games of Last Generation Countdown - Number 10

COG writes - The games of the last generation were amazing and the COGconnected team decided to get together to countdown their favorites.

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618d ago
Horny617d ago (Edited 617d ago )

A lot of good games I'm not seeing on the list.
Last of Us, Gears of war, uncharted 2, bioshock, god of war 3, mgs4, halo 3, call of duty4, skyrim, portal 2, gta4&5, fable2, left 4 dead, dead space, batman:ac, little big planet, ratchet and clank future, BF: bad company, street fighter 4, burnout paradise.
All great games.

Chaos_Order617d ago

With only 10 games it's bound to leave out many favourites. Last gen had a ridiculous number of excellent games.

Digital_Anomaly617d ago

This is all the writer's number 10 selection only. Many of those games are likely to see a mention as the countdown progresses.

stefan_771617d ago

Red Dead Redemption is the best IMO