GameSpy: Star Ocean: First Departure Preview

GameSpy writes: "It was no surprise to gamers when Square Enix announced last year that it was going to be revisiting one of its classic role-playing franchises. What was surprising is that the franchise in question had neither the word "Final" nor "Fantasy" anywhere in it. Instead, Square Enix is dipping into the "Enix" side of the RPG pool, remaking the first two Star Ocean games for the PlayStation Portable. We recently got our hands on a build of the upcoming North American release of the first of these to see just how the series is holding up after all these years.

For most North American fans, your first exposure to Star Ocean was probably the second game in the series, Star Ocean: The Second Story, released on the original PlayStation back in 1999. The first game, released a few years earlier on the Super Famicom, never made its way out of Japan. Now, with the game making its stateside debut on the PSP, Square Enix has decided to pull out all the stops, adding enhanced graphics, fully animated cut-scenes, and even some new characters and expanded subplots sure to appeal to those who may have imported the original in its heyday."

+Lots of new additions, including animated cut-scenes and extra plot points
+Can finally see where the Star Ocean saga began

-Battle system takes some getting used to
-The navigation screens can feel small

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jams_shop3682d ago

my wallet can't take all the abuse, so many cool games coming between now and the end of the year that's not even funny.