GTA IV Sales Not as Obscenely/Repulsively Huge as Expected, Barely 10 Million Sold

Companies, no matter how big or small, really like making money. This is no secret and, you know, God bless. Sometimes, though, their whining about not making enough of the stuff can be downright infuriating. A good example is Take-Two Interactive, makers of the overrated popular Grand Theft Auto video games. According to a recent report, sales of GTA IV are slowing considerably and not meeting the company's expectations.

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BigBaehr3735d ago

That's because it sucked.

Skaterboy Tell Em3735d ago

agreed,gta sucked hairy donkey kong balls.

TheHater3735d ago

It did sucked if you compare to the other GTA games that came before it. GTA IV was a shell of GTA 3, and SA. You can't even compare GTA IV to those two GTA games.

ChrisGTR13735d ago

gta sucked? how many other games can you claim to have played over 40 hours for the single player? this gta was a downgrade from san andreas but is still an amazing game.

SCThor3735d ago

50 million bucks going down the toilet!


ChrisGTR13735d ago

ohhhh... now i get it, you guys are all saying gta4 suckd cause your ps3 owners... >_<
well im defenetly gonna get the expansion pack coming out in 2 months.

qwertyuiopasdfghjkl3735d ago

I remember my first comment about GTAIV sucking hairy donkey balls way back during the first week it released. Ah good times... the funny part about it, I got so many disagrees. hahaha

I loved GTA1 and the London expansion, GTA2 was perfection, GTA3 changed gaming, Vice City perfected it, San Andreas took it to the next level, the PSP version were always played during my flights. GTAIV however is the unholy godsend from the desolate one who will remain nameless. GTAIV is a slap in the face to hardcore GTA fans, the gameplay sucked, the driving sucked, the radio sucked, the story sucked, the multiplayer sucked, the humor sucked, the AI sucked, and worst off all... it had those little quarks that should have never made it into the game... the cell phone, the computer, the alternate endings. UGH man just talking about this gam... uh... gh..

I just puked in my mouth a lil bit. :/

Omegasyde3735d ago


GTA4 really sucked. O and just because you can get 40 hours out of a game doesn't make it a great game all of a sudden.

I still to this day can't finish FFXII well dare I say it:
It was the worst Final Fantasy.

O and Chris here you go:
Reason why GTa4 sucked:
1)multi-player offered alot, however got boring fast.
2)The ending sucked
3)barely any sidejobs
4)Lack of rewards for sidejobs ( 200 pigeon for a helicopter?)
5)Radio selection was worse
6) Can't buy property
7)The missions were all the same:
Run to point A. Kill drug dealer. Run back to Point B.
The only mission that was really different was the mission that you were hanging on top of the Asian Mafia's delivery truck for dear life.

8)Nico Belic couldn't compare to Tommy Verseti or CJ

TheColbertinator3735d ago


Is that so? I have the 360 version and even with the achievements I still thought it was boring.By far the worst GTA game I ever played.It was good though.The game was polished,controls were good,online was interesting but it gets boring quick.

The DLC better be jetpacks or flamethrowers or something like that because the game is gathering dust.

DaTruth3735d ago

Well, we have better games on PS3. If I only had the 360 I would think this game was great too. It's practically the only game on 360 that qualifies as next gen.

dro3734d ago

it did not only sucked, it almost made me break my t.v!! i almost threw the pad to the t.v in anger of how overhyped and downgraded it is. i hope r* hears all the feed backs by the people who bought the game and not the reviews that gave it 10/10.. i personaly will give this game 7.5/10.

gaffyh3734d ago

chris - GTA4 just sucks and I have it for 360. It was a complete let down

AAACE53734d ago

What was so wrong with GTA 4 that it sucked?

Was it the fact that it wasn't arcadey and goofy as the previous games? GTA 4 just decided to take a more realistic approach now that we got alot more goofy sandbox games out like Saints row and Crackdown!

I liked GTA 4, and I hope the next one is as good as this one. I admit I had to go through an adjustment period, and at one point said it sucked. But once I got used to it, and realized why it was made that way... I was hooked and it became one of the best games I ever played!

Things have to evolve... Otherwise we would have never got Zelda:OoT or MGS 4! You may not understand it, but don't hate it!

thebudgetgamer3734d ago

on its own it wouldve been good but it had to follow the godfather two wich is one of the best movies ever made so it pales in comparison but only because of the greatness that is tgf2

if a company not named rockstar north made it people would have a different story but its not and it had to follow san andreas so only in that right did it fail

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El_Colombiano3735d ago

Only 10 Million? Damn...FLOP...


ChrisGTR13735d ago

it would of sold alot more if there werent cheap ass piraters like you.

SCThor3735d ago

San Andreas had jetpacks,body building feature,lots of stats and customization for your character,etc but GTA4 don't!!, how is so?? Blame M$ for their cheap ass DVD9 and 50 million bucks.

LethalToxins3735d ago

Ironic when a game outsells every single Halo made and is a flop...

Halo a flop? No. So neither is GTA. I don't really care for the GTA games anymore. How many times can you rehash the exact same formula and expect to keep hitting that fifteen million mark?

"Yo, man, 'dis ***** is fuqing mah ho! Kill 'dis b!tch n I pay you 'dis many dollaz!" Missions like that get old after a while... Try a reinvention of the series. Not saying Crackdown was better, but at least it tried something new.

DaTruth3735d ago

GTAFuture, wouldn't change the core gameplay but it would throw in enough change that it could be refreshing. flying cars, jetpacks and hoverboards. Would add verticallity to the game it never had before.
And it should be a PS3 exclusive, if your gonna do it, do it right.

Silogon3735d ago

GTA4 was utter garbage. I spent 5 hours on it and knew right away what the game did and didn't do. It didn't do far more than it did, believe me. This is the biggest joke of next gen. GTA4 was clearly made with the ps2 in mind and the lack of ambition shows.

NegativeCreep4273735d ago

but especially considering the lack of celebrity voice talent in GTA IV with Samuel L. Jackson as officer tenpenny in San Andreas.

DrWan3735d ago (Edited 3735d ago )

If you check the top 10 charts.

it will sell more but it was pretty overrated and it scares them bc got all perfect 10's and still didn't sell more than 10 mil?

They were used to the high numnbers on PS2, beign multi plat and not selling more scare them though