BingeGamer's The Bender Podcast - Episode 012

Wow, what a show, late because of Mike being intoxicated (a lot), we are derailed from games every other second, but somehow a lot of topics get covered.

Show notes:

*What we are gaming this week: Civilization (PC), Prey (PC), Deus Ex (PS2), Rock Band (Xbox 360)
*GoDaddy rules in tech support ?
*Braid needs even more love
*Rock Band 2 talk
*The Force Unleashed
*More Site News
*James Top Ten list brainstorming
*Lumberjacks could have saved Pirates vs Ninja Dodgeball
*Seinfeld, Bill Gates commercial, Mac vs PC
*Pokemon vs Halo 3
*Aerosmith Demo Sucks
*Ear necklaces
*360 hard drive drm issues
*If your weather sucks, leave, idiots (and other "irl" news)
*James birthday is soon!
*N4G thoughts
*Metallica blows
*Comics bought: Secret Invasion 4, 5, 6 and Stephen King: Dark Tower (Peter David, Jae Lee). Deadpool rules btw.

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