Ghost Recon: Wildlands Beta first impression. A hidden gem, but needs more polish

Ghost Recon: Wildlands was the big title at Ubisoft’s E3 press conference last year. We played the BETA this weekend and want to give our first impression of the game. You may know already th…

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Mrveryodd622d ago

Beta ... Didn't you see what you wrote down ?

Palitera620d ago

Also... "hidden"? Calling a multimillion-advertisement top tier AAA game "hidden" is just pure and plain stupidity.

But whatever. It is just another bloggist bringing N4G's low quality tier even lower.

S-Word620d ago

It's Ubisoft, they don't do betas. They do demos & call them betas. It's still going to be trash on the final release like the rest of their games.

Tetsujin622d ago

I'm going to spend a lot of time playing this game. Amazon prime provided a big discount for the Gold Edition which I was able to overlook my initial statement back at the beginning of the year (waiting to buy games with season passes), and I am impressed with the Beta.

I'm reserving judgement of bugs and glitches until after initial release - doesn't make sense to scream about bugs when it's not final representation of the game itself.

For anyone who is actively in the beta, wasn't there something we had to find in game to register on our Ubisoft account for the actual release? I'm trying to find the info on the site but can't find anything.

InMyOpinion620d ago

I thought it was enough just to do all missions and find all pickups? Loved the beta as well.

620d ago
TheOptimist620d ago

I dunno. Found it borig and repetitive tbh... Rather buy For Honor.

620d ago
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