An Easy End to Videogame Piracy? You Wish

As EA has recently shown us, DRM sucks, and just doesn't work. Obviously, game publishers are in need of some other way to put the hurt on piracy. Could the subscription fee, which has proven stupidly effective for World of Warcraft, be the solution?

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joeyda3773d ago

My god if I have to start paying a subscription for games.... I'll probably stop playing. It's the exact reason why I don't play WoW. I know I'm not alone there.

Charmers3773d ago

Something has to be done, it is becoming abundantly clear that PC gaming isn't "dying" there are millions of people gaming on their PC. However what is "dying" is people wanting to fork out $50 for a game they may or may not like. It's not too bad if you own a console, you buy a game you hate you can trade it in and get some of your money back. A PC gamer doesn't have that option they are stuck with a $50 coaster.

So mostly these days PC gamers pirate their games to "try" them out they probably have good intentions and think "well if I like it I will buy it", however that soon turns to "well I already played it now so why buy it".

A few days ago there was a rumour going round that steam were going to start "game rentals" (they aren't as far as I know) this would be a fantastic idea. Just imagine having a $20 monthly fee and you could rent games for a specific period of time. Then if you like the game you can purchase it for the asking price. I think that would be a great idea and would have a REAL impact on piracy myself.

But we have to be realistic that isn't going to happen anytime soon, many games still rely on "hype" to sell and if people had the option of renting we could see through the hype.

All I know is something needs to be done, DRM is not the way, I have already steered clear of Mass Effect, Bioshock and Spore because of this DRM. I made the mistake of buying Crysis Warhead on steam thinking it didn't have this limited activations rubbish, but it does. So I won't be buying any games from steam that now have this DRM. In short I am a paying customer that no longer wants the damaged goods these software companies are offering, they need to get with the program and start acting like the professionals they are supposed to be.

The Milkman3773d ago (Edited 3773d ago )

PC gaming is going to die, and pirates where part of the problem. Actually to me PC gaming is dead basically. There is no games I want to play on it that Idontalready have on my console.

Well there is probably always going to be pc games of course. But the quality of games suck. I remember when I use to see cooler games releaseon the PC than the consoles I owned. But thats not the case anymore. So I shouldnt say PC gaming is dead but console gaming is definitely better nowdays.

Silvia0073773d ago

to be made, at the end of the day, greed will still prevail. Pirates will still get what they want for free and corporations will still get their money. Even though it may not be as much as they like.