GameStop and Target cancelling some Switch pre-orders due to shortages

Some gamers who pre-ordered the Switch at GameStop and Target have had their orders cancelled due to console shortages.

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Moonman1640d ago (Edited 1640d ago )

It's time to ship more Nintendo.

bouzebbal1639d ago

this is a supply trick so people can jump on any open pre order in the future.
in 2 days, they will announce they have got 10 more, and 1000 will pre order and 1000 will get their machine.
don't get fooled by this

nitus101639d ago

Pre-ordering hardware is different to pre-ordering games.

Nintendo has a habit of undersupply for their hardware (eg. Wii, WiiU, Mini NES to name a few). For the Switch, if you don't pre-order you will basically miss out and you will have to wait for the next shipment unless you are one of those people with more money than sense who will buy from a scalper at a very much inflated price.

Hopefully, the people who want the Switch will get it within two shipments but I wouldn't hold my breath.

mikeslemonade1639d ago

All my preorders still in tact

1L4stCh4nce1639d ago

As a former employee, consoles of any brand, are limited stock. Usually, preorderers plus 5-8 extra systems is common per store.
I'd also disagree with nitus10 to some point. They were many times in the 5.5 years I worked there, that I had to turn customers away for games were didn't have. Many of these games were Nintendo products. There were other games that had a huge shortage, one of memory being Dead Island.
I agree that many times it is Nintendo limiting their products to create demand. Hell, look at the Amiibo launch. That was a nightmare for collectors and game enthusiasts.

TheUndertaker851639d ago (Edited 1639d ago )

It is. That's why Nintendo is stating that stock will be limited and preorders sold out.

This same story goes to show that two outlets "oversold stock" and preorders for the Switch are definitely inflated plus inaccurate.

It's hard enough for one outlet to do this by mistake as they do have numbers available to them concerning what kind of allocation is available.

indysurfn1638d ago

That's what they keep saying about the Wii that it was a supply trick...But they keep forgetting. The wii (not wii u)
sold over 100 million systems! Some people also said it about the PS4, and ''no way they will beat PS2 sales" every time we look up it is breaking another ps2 milestone on the same time line.

There are More than two countries now that they are claiming sold more SWITCH's then even the PS4 sold during pre order. Not just hugh store chains, but COUNTRIES!!!

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1639d ago
XanderZane1638d ago

They said they were shipping 2 million before the MArch 3rd launch, but that was most likely worldwide.

xxchicago33xx1640d ago

This really shouldn't surprise people. Nintendo creates artificial shortages to drive demand for every system they release. They run their marketing and supply chain like a 17 year old kid in his first economics class.

xxchicago33xx1640d ago (Edited 1640d ago )

Why the disagrees? Fanboy much...go ahead and pop every system Nintendo has released into Google since the original NES and tell me this isn't either an inept supply chain or marketing tactic.

jaymacx1639d ago

Whether they do it or not its not exclusive to them. The only Nintendo system that was ever hard for me to get was the NES classic, due to there not taking preorders. The themed consoles like the Majoras mask New 3ds was hard but those are made to be limited.

quent1639d ago

Like what Sony is doing with the PSVR or are they just that popular ?

captainexplosion1639d ago

I really doubt thats what Sony is doing. PSVR isn't popular enough to do that. I just think they are genuinely having problems making the thing.

Death1639d ago

Just like PSVR. Unless of course you believe the fans that claim Sony is inept at making hardware.

Nintendo is launching with 2 million consoles like PS4 and Xbox One did. Preorders have been selling at a very healthy rate which indicated demand was high and supply was going to be low. Last week Nintendo ordered an increase in production to offset the high demand.

Kaneki-Ken1639d ago

PlayStation said that they had manufacture problems

XanderZane1638d ago

They were having problems getting the components for the PSVR. This is why they can't make them fast enough. This is what Sony is saying anyways.

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Apex131639d ago

Like they did the Wii U and the 3ds.

Stop quoting articles and making them your own.

jaymacx1639d ago

What does some retailers canceling orders have to do with nintendo? Target is known to cancel orders like crazy (main reason is they do multiple checks on your funds and if you don't have the amount it gets canceled.. best thing to do is use a Red Card) . As for Gamestop Sometimes their system gets buggy and allows more orders than is allocated and the overage gets canceled (online ordering) . Base your argument on facts instead of using the popular nintendo creates shortages for everything stock related.
As for NES classic edition that is all Nintendo.
Amiibo had some issues. Some Nintendo and some due to that port strike. Now Amiibo are not hard to get.

indysurfn1638d ago (Edited 1638d ago )

I was about to disagree with your first point.....Then I remembered that for the xbox 360 they did that too me! And a friend of mine that worked at another Target told me you have to keep your bank account up all the time or you will be the first one they cancel.

At least you didn't say it was all Nintendo or none of Nintendo you get most balanced reasonable comment of this article award..!

jaymacx1637d ago

@indysurfn thanks.. i try to be balanced or at least balance out these lopsided comments on here.

Come to find out that Gamestop canceling thing was just spammed from one user and became a story. Nowadays they love mud slinging without the facts just to get hits.

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OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1640d ago

No because GameStop is taking more pre-order than they have

CyberSentinel1639d ago

While I don't doubt a shrewd pawn shop like "GameStop" does indeed do that, I also question Nintendo's manufacturing, for example the "new" 3ds xl is still in great demand, and almost impossible to find in supply. Even though Nintendo said that the 3ds will still be supported and co-exist with Switch. We shall see how long that remains to be true.

Gemmol1639d ago

usually be 1 or 2 years before they stop for their handhelds, so if they support it still after 3 years I would be shocked

jaymacx1639d ago (Edited 1639d ago )

I understand your view.. the one thing i see is them being conservative and focusing their production on Switch right now.
They aren't trying to create demand for 3ds by not having stock . I just checked online and you can purchase new 3ds xl. It may not be all the color variations though.

Summons751639d ago

Gamestop shouldn't allow more than they are given... This is GameStop's fault. Then again they are probably trying to hide some like they do so they can sell them used for double the price, Xenoblade Chronicles anyone?

windblowsagain1639d ago

Nintendo, shipping a hundred consoles is not enough.

250 should do it.

Death1639d ago

Nintendo is shipping 2 million for launch. This has been known since October of last year.

indysurfn1638d ago (Edited 1638d ago )

Litterally DEATH put a comment with proof in the TITLE of the ARTICLE! And people are too lazy/unreasonable to even read even the TITLE?! Here I will quote it:
"Nintendo Switch Won't Be Sold At A Loss, Two Million Units To Ship In Time For March
Consumers will see system is different to the 3DS, claims CEO"

article is date OCTOBER 26 2016!

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