How to Fix Your Blinking PlayStation 3: Tech Clinic Investigates

When PM's editors first hooked up our new PlayStation 3 to our Westinghouse HDTV, they were quite impressed by the beauty of the world's first 1080p gaming system. But they soon discovered an annoying little technological tic that caused the sound to cut out and the screen to blink on and off when they would launch certain games. Was it the PS3 or the Westinghouse TV?

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Arkham5234d ago

The W3 firmware is actually 1.0 (not 1.7 as earlier ones). Unfortunately updating the firmware in the future requires a hardware connection to the service port.

I wouldn't hold my breath.

A PS3 firmware patch is pretty much the only realistic option. And, since this is an issue that has cropped up on other TVs, that'll probably be the way it goes.

I suspect it might be due to the PS3's HDMI being 1.3 instead of 1.2, but that's only a slightly-uneducated guess. AVSforums is full of this sorta report without any solid answer other than "SonYLyEERS FixTHISNOW!"

NFS215234d ago

SH!TTY tv couldn't handle the PS3, duh.

Arkham5234d ago

Sony should've made an allowance for this possibility, but regardless a firmware update will probably fix it.

There are plenty of happy 37W3+PS3 owners out there, despite the inconvenience.

achira5234d ago

what are they talking about ? they should use a normal tv, and not a xbox hack. this maded up stories are gettting boring.

SuperSaiyan45234d ago

The Worlds first 1080p machine they need to get their facts right!

Arkham5233d ago

Native 1080p, so far, yes it is. Upscaled doesn't count.

WhEeLz5233d ago

It is the worlds first 1080p(native) if you think about it

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