First GTA: Chinatown Wars info

A bunch of Grand Theft Auto: China Town Wars have been revealed thanks to the latest issue of Nintendo Power.

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KiddyBrownTurd3773d ago

kick ass.

pooooooooooooor PSPee

Xeke3773d ago

You really are retarded arent you

Hydrolex3773d ago

but after I played the game,....

AAACE53773d ago

I was actually kind of interested in this game at first! But after reading... I think i'll pass. I can see too many ways this game can go bad. You may not see it now... but you will!

I can't remember who made the comment, but i'll tell you... "NOTHING IS WRONG WITH GTA 4!!!" It just wasn't the arcadey stupid game that people wanted it to be like the previous ones.

If you didn't like GTA 4, you should possibly like this one, cause it will more than likely be like the past few!

gtafan3773d ago

I am going to buy a Wii just for this game. Finally Caving in.

qface643773d ago

that's sounding pretty good to me ill be happily picking this up i was curious about this version i thought id have my san andreas stories by now too

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