80° - Fracture Demo Impressions writes:

"LucasArts has two internally developed games for "next-gen" consoles in 2008. There was Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, which I wasn't very fond of, and Fracture. I'm sure this isn't earth shattering, but I'm not fond of Fracture either. Today, the 700+ MB demo debuted on both PlayStation Network and Xbox Live! Marketplace today and I spent some time checking out the game's terrain deformation. My findings? Both The Force Unleashed and Fracture share very similar faults."

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Radiodread3684d ago

seriously the demo is not that great. It has the graphics of area 51 and plays like dull 3rd person shooter. Guns are kinda cool, but generic and the deformation of land would be the ONLY reeason I even consider RENTING this game.

Megatron083684d ago

I cant speak about fracture but the only thing that was wrong with the force unleashed was that it was to short of a game. The gameplay wasnt anything new but there was nothing wrong with it either . It had solid gameplay and an amazing story that really changes how look at the movies. Given how wrong this guy was about the force unleashed I wouldnt put much faith in anything he says.

commando343684d ago

Lucas Arts what happened to you? your pouring out crap lately *cough* Star Wars: The Clone Wars, SW TFU (meh its ok) and now this your downfall as we no it?

VMAN_013684d ago

No they could redeem themeselves by REPUBLIC COMMADNO 2 PLZPLZ LUCAS ARTS!!!

DA_SHREDDER3684d ago

But the demo was really boring too me. I dont know what the land deformation is all about, but its really unecessary. I dont know what happend to Lucas, but I guess they were never really the innovating type so, I must say that Star Wars and Fracture are complete flops. I wouldn;t even waste my time renting Fracture.

xionpunk3684d ago

Fracture felt kind of average but at least it was fairly different. It will probably get lost in the flood of awesome this fall though.

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