PS3 To Begin With Bond In Europe?

Sony may release the PS3 in Europe on the same date as Casino Royale hits Blu-ray.

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the_bebop5225d ago

Maybe they could budle it with the PS3 launch.

Arkham5225d ago

Do it, Sony, I dare you. Include a BR copy of Casino Royale with the first 500K PS3s sold. Just suck it up and do it.

Marriot VP5225d ago

man what a good movie, I love the new bond - so gritty

I look forward to the DVD upscaled

sak5005225d ago

Even bond may not be able to save PS3 this time

r10005225d ago

LOL.... they better do this movie.... cuz that crap Talledaga Nights isn't going to be received great over there....

That will just add to the already bad view they have of Americans (some it much deserved)....