IGN: Podcast Beyond, Episode 60

Chris, Greg and Ryan must once again survive another podcast without the life-giving "myeahs" of Jeff Haynes. Fortunately, this week's episode is a special one. THQ's Cory Ledesma and Bryan Williams spend some time talking with Greg about SVR 09. But the news gets even better: the beautiful SVR 09 WWE Women's Champion Maria joins in on the fun!

Also on the show, the team discusses the new redesign of IGN, Life with PlayStation and an enticing LittleBigPlanet contest. Tune in now and let the Beyonds ring.

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unsunghero283682d ago

I really love this podcast.

No joke, it's hard for me to get my work done on Thursdays because I always have to listen to Podcast Beyond. I consider it essential listening for any serious PS3 owner.