Top 5 Playstation Network Titles

GamersPlatform Write: "The Playstation Store has some of the best and most unique titles that gamers can enjoy and have fun with. It was the Playstation Store that showed that a full length game could be distributed digitally for such an affordable price. Every week, SCEA keeps its promise to deliver high quality games that no gamer can resist buying.

Two years have past and a lot of games exclusive to Playstation Network have emerged. Starting with Blast Factor to the current release of Wipeout HD, what are some of the best Playstation Network titles that are worth purchasing?"


Changed to Top 10.

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Parapraxis3682d ago

Top 10, It's a shame to leave out PixelJunk Eden, PixelJunk Monsters, Tekken 5 Dark Ressurection, Pain and flOw. (left out flOwer and Wipeout HD, though if they were out they would be in there!)

Overr8ed3682d ago (Edited 3682d ago )

yea true. But Socom hasnt even released yet :/, even though its awesome it shouldnt be on the list yet.
But these are like full games not small games like the Pixel Junk Series, its kinda a shame.

Oh and the Last Guy was good.

Parapraxis3682d ago

It's top 10 now! Awesome, good to see the smaller games getting some love.

Omegasyde3682d ago

No Stardust and no Everyday shooter?

Everyday shooter is one of the greatest shooters ever made. I think it's way better than geometry wars, but not as great as Stardust. Hell it was made by one person...

Siren on the other hand easily wins hands down. Definitely worth the squid/dollars for those people who are looking for a great way to get scared on a weekend.

However these titles will fail in comparison once Everquest 3 gets announced on the PSN next May(Q2-Q3 2009 Release date I don't know)...Ooooops, that's suppose to be a secret....

(O and Midway will be releasing a Mortal Kombat game for PSN/XBL before the end of the year.I am thinking ultimate mortal kombat 3 Gold to hype up MC vs Dc universe, still somewhat iffy....OMG Ooops, I did it again.)


hence the word UPDATED

cant wait for socom any longer i want it zipper is teasing now

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IAm1Bearcat3682d ago

but forgot to pick it up. This is a major plus that I like about Downloadable things, because Sony / MS / Nintendo can bring back older titles that may have been missed previously and make people go "oh sh!t, yeah!" not to mention since its DLC you dont have to worry about it "running out".

However, i dont think this list should contain SOCOM: Confrontation, GT5: Prologue, and Warhawk mainly because you can buy them at retailers. Although, looking at the title of the article again it makes sense... although i assumed (from the title) it meant downloadable games only (like XBLA).

INehalemEXI3682d ago (Edited 3682d ago )

I did download Warhawk , and GT5P. You can buy the warhawk starter at retail but theres been 3 add ons already.

INehalemEXI3682d ago

Tekken 5DR Online, is essential at least till T6 drops. Blazblue when its out too.

IAm1Bearcat3682d ago

I've heard people like buying Warhawk instead of downloading it because downloading it takes more HD space.... but that doesnt really matter for most. and with all the add ons it probably does feel like a PSN game in a way.

remanutd553682d ago

i didnt buy it, i downloaded it but i did buy gt5p

dj_funky3682d ago

and the next awesome PSN title in line... WIPEOUT HD!

Omegasyde3682d ago


The original Wipeout was THEE game to get me to come to darkside and out of the hands of Mr. Mario. FFVII was just a plus and Wipeout to me was a Ps1 system seller.

Sorta hope they to a remake of Jet Motto, Incognito I was one of the few fans :)

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