De Blob 10/10 Review "A 3rd party Wii game to impress Miyamoto" - Gameplayer

Gampeplayer reviews "The first third-party Wii game that would have Mr Miyamoto bowing in awed respect."

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Smacktard4991d ago

Very good news! I wasn't looking forward to this game when information first started pouring out about the game, but now I can't wait to own it! Looking forward to picking it up soon.

kapedkrusader4990d ago

...anything better than shovelware is given a score of 9 to 10. Yet the Xbox 360 and PS3 games are judged with a microscope and so many people are willing not to give games a "10" because of stupid reasons like, "The cutscenes are too long." or "It's only running at 640p."

unsunghero284991d ago

I wasn't expecting much from this... I had always thought it was basically just a downloadable PC game that got ported to Wii.

Apparently it's much more.

Maybe I'll actually have a reason to use my Wii this holiday season.

Product4991d ago

ign gave it 8.4 which is pretty good seeing as how ign is pretty hard on its scores with third party wii games.

-_-4991d ago

[[better than Boo Human]]

LethalToxins4991d ago

Daaaayyyyyuuuummmmm!!!! Someone call Guiness! This has to be the world record for a third party review score on the Wii.

Voiceofreason4990d ago

I will because you have to be the dumbest person to ever grace this site. I guess you must have missed those perfect scores on NMH, but then again you're not a Wii owner, just a PS3 owner who isnt happy about what their own console has to offer so you spend your time trying to trash others games..Amazing how many SOny fans spend their time talking about nothing but Wii games, yet they think it makes the PS3 look better for them to focus on nothing but the Wii.. Kinda telling about how sad and pathetic it is to be a SOny only gamer. Thank God that I am not only not poor but also not stupid. 2 requirements to be a Sony gamer. They love to prey on the weak and unknowing.

thewhoopimen4990d ago

Wow.... a lil defensive aren't ya?
Thank god I'm not you and can afford my ps3, wii and if I chose to, a 360 unlike you...

Now to paraphrase your insult back at you:
I can see where your angst is playing on a system with blurry characters full of angular shapes, low textures, or formless blobs like this game, when other nex-gen gamers get near-CG graphics.

LethalToxins4990d ago (Edited 4990d ago )

Ironic being called the "dumbest person to ever grace this site" by someone who has mastered the art of run-on sentences and poor comma usage. Bravo! You sure made me look stupid. It was a joke. Get a grip. Move on. Wally World sells tissues and chocolates for your wounded pride.

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