TF2 Official Blog: Left 4 Dead Update

Robin Walker of the official TF2 blog writes: "Well, it's been a couple of weeks since we updated the blog, and we thought it was time to let you know why we've been so quiet. The last couple of weeks we've actually been moonlighting on Left 4 Dead. While the L4D team has been focusing on finishing up the core cooperative gameplay, we've been helping them by working on their Versus mode."

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rocklee265299d ago

Does anyone know if this is actually coming to the PS3?

T-Baggins5299d ago

There is no official word yet, so at this point in time, no

peowpeow5299d ago

If it does that would be great

JustinSaneV25299d ago

You know the multiplayer has a pretty good chance of being pure awesome if the TF2 guys are working on it.