PAL PS3 pushed back to April?

Since missing their planned worldwide launch of the PS3 last year, Sony has stuck fast to their story that the PS3 will hit PAL territories before the end of the first Quarter 2007 (March). Despite some rumours that it would be pushed back further, some recent events such as an advertising campaign make it seem likely that the much maligned third console from Sony will see the light of day in Europe sometime late March. While it should be mentioned that a European advertising campaign for last years November non-launch began shortly before the delay was announced – it seems Sony had some communication problems between divisions – it's unlikely they'll make the same mistake again, so the campaign is a good sign...

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Arkham5232d ago

Welcome to two days ago?

drewdrakes5232d ago

Its only a month anyway.

achira5232d ago

march, march, march, i like march.

KS19855232d ago

Stop With These Rumors!!!!

malachi235232d ago

The PS3 sucks anyway, i'll still buy one though to sell on Ebay to the brainwashed idiots who will pay over the top for bad technology.

mucho 995232d ago

you and your 360 suck. 360 suck BECAUES IT SIT ON SOTR SHEVLE, see I can make mindless posts too and say the other console sucks without reason.

What reason is there to say ps3 sucks, works just as well as 360.
But then people like you get on these boards and start trashing it for no reason.