PS3 Monster: Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09 Review

Console Monster writes: "Even though Tiger Woods has had an injury prone season, he has done extremely well for himself this year. Winning the U.S Open and releasing Tiger Woods 2009 for Sony's PlayStation 3. But the most important and age old question is, 'Has the game changed much, and is it worth your hard-earned cash?'

Well Tiger Woods is back and he's back in style. EA Games have a reputation for churning out titles year after year with little to no changes, besides the year at the end of the title. To say this about Tiger Woods would be an inaccurate and an unjustified comment, as EA Games take Tiger Woods 09 to the next level of golfing.

The first thing you'll notice is that this time around you're not alone as you'll have your very own coach – Hank Haney who will make all the difference from getting a bogey to a birdie..."

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