Second Opinion: Half Life 2 Is Boring, Uninspired, Overrated, and Poorly-Written

HPP: This week's episode of Second Opinion talks about the many problems with the Guinness World Record holder for "highest rated shooter."

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franwex1281d ago

Wow, that was a long review, and I do agree with it. I also think it's overrated and I never bothered finishing it. It's been over 10 years since I played it and have no desire to. It just didn't leave an impression on me. Just bland story and set pieces.
First one was better.

naruga1281d ago

^^ agree ..especially in comparison to the almost contemporary HALO CE....HL2 looks like a rushed fan made game

Khalina1280d ago

That's sarcasm, right?

antz11041280d ago

Gaming evolves, it's easy to take this opinion 13 years after the game is released:/

derkasan1281d ago

I know HL2 isn't for everyone, but it's good to see they like Ravenholm.

Gaming_Cousin1281d ago

Half Life 2 to me felt like another generic fps because I played much later after its release

TheFirstClassic1281d ago

Still felt amazing to me two years ago.

bluefox7551281d ago (Edited 1281d ago )

I know this is an unpopular opinion, but while I didn't think Half Life 2 was terrible, it certainly didn't suck me in like the first game did. I played about half way through the game before I just lost interest.

Gaming4Life19811281d ago

Half Life 2 was amazing especially with all episodes, It had everything you could ask for in a fps. I mean of course it has been surpassed now but look how old the game is. If anyone named the top 10 fps single player games ever half life 2 will always be in there somewhere.

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The story is too old to be commented.