1UP: The Rise and Fall (and Rise) of Japan

When EGM launched nearly 20 years ago, the only console games worth mentioning were almost exclusively Japanese imports -- Mario, Zelda, Mega Man, Sonic -- while the best of the West was to be found on PC. Somewhere along the way, though, something changed. Today, it's American and European creations that rule the console charts, and Japan's developers are almost universally struggling. Sure, Nintendo's tag team of DS and Wii seems in no danger of giving up its lead, but in many ways, the Kyoto publishing giant's recent resurgence offers the most damning evidence of how rocky the Japanese videogame market really is.

1UP spoke with several key figures in Japanese gaming to get their thoughts on the current state of gaming overseas and in the West as well as their plans moving forward for the current generation of consoles.

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mohib-uddin79865323686d ago (Edited 3686d ago )

PS3 will sell loads in japan after White Knight Chornicles is released !

-In Sha Allah

pwnsause3686d ago

heres a better title

"1Down: The Fall and Rise(and Fall) of 1Up.

BIoodmask3686d ago (Edited 3686d ago )

If you actually read the interview it is really good. It is true that Japan isn't as dominant in the gaming industry as they were in the 16-Bit era. They pretty much dominated everything back then on the software front.

There are many very talented development teams that are located in the West now. In the past those types of western development teams focused mainly on the PC.

It doesn't really make sense to attack a website just because you don't agree with something they post.

pwnsause3686d ago

i was just messing around.

Silogon3686d ago (Edited 3686d ago )

Japan isn't no longer needed for the industry to survive. This is true and it's been more and more clear the last few years. Look at all the big games. None of them were Japanese based, but MGS4 and a couple others.

Bioshock, Gears of War, Motorstorm, Resistance, Uncharted, Ratchet and clank,Assassins Creed(sure it sucks, but it sold), Madden's, COD4, Halo, Mass Effect and countless others.

The games people are buying now are not being made by the Japanese anymore They're not the biggest factor now. Back in the Ps1 days and even ps2 days what happened in Japan always happened here 7 months later. Market wise... if a system failed there, it'd fail here. Now, that's not the case.

Agent VX3686d ago

Japan is so small now, they should just be considered in the "Asian" market. Japan, as a region now, just doesn't matter like it did 10 yrs ago.