IGN: De Blob Review

Too many third-party developers take exactly this approach with their multiplatform games, a fact that doesn't necessarily better or worsen the experiences on the similarly powerful PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

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Cheeseknight284450d ago

Nice. I was expecting good things from this one.

bootsielon4450d ago

They don't look next-gen. Something must be wrong under the hood.

ChickeyCantor4449d ago

Are your eyes bleeding?
Gooood =D

unicronic4450d ago

This game was surprisingly fun and refreshing on the PC. Hopefully the Wii version is the same with some nice extras on it. After all the PC version is free whilst Wii probably costs some.

BrotherNick4449d ago

This one is totally redone, no top down view (more like a from behind view). The game 'oozes' with style.