XBOX's New Name?

"We are not completely positive how true this is, but most of the things GilZ (code name) sends our way are true. GilZ was correct about the new price drops, new HDMI models, new Elites, and now a picture sent to us with clearly visible text, in what appears to be either the 360's new name or the next xbox's final name. "XBOXPure" is what looks to be the final choice in this document. Take a look!"

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I LOVE my xbox5788d ago

If anything... a new model is way overdue. RROD is just not cutting it anymore.

Tomdc5787d ago

i think xbox and wii are rubbish names. when you think about it properely "playstation" is also s bit lame, but the brand power that name has is tooo good for sony to ever change it.

-_-5788d ago

[[According to Infinite,they are calling it Flopbox]]

DavidMacDougall5788d ago

Needs a fire extinguisher 720 , cheap piece of sh!t only idiots buy 720 , they only want your money 720 , if it brakes by another and it will brake 720 , if you want to play 360 games dont buy this ....thats some names iv got i found "Toaster" was to easy

cemelc5788d ago

Pfffffff everyone knows is going to be called BurnBox

thekingofMA5788d ago

i'm sorry,,,but that just wasn't funny

usually i'll applaud people who actually make good biased jokes...but that simply was not good


Gam715788d ago

they can't call it burnbox because sony need that.

they haven't decided if its for the psp, laptop batteries or the laptops themselves.

Pain5788d ago (Edited 5788d ago )

2, anything beter then having to trick joe blow Soccer mom in to thinking its a number #3 when its a #2 so not to look more inferior next to PS#'3' is beter imo.

Calling the XBOX 2 '360 was so when its next to a PS '3', the name 360 make's moron Soccer moms think 360 means 3. not console 2.

but xbots will say no since they morons.

@gam71 just shut up kid. sonys Laptop batteries are what they are laptop batteries not Burn your house down Video game consoles.

try again u fail.

Gam715787d ago

Pain after i clicked on show, why do you have only 1 bubble?, to read your comment I gave up with the first part (learn english) but i did realise why you only have 1 bubble.

"sonys Laptop batteries are what they are laptop batteries not Burn your house down Video game consoles."

Yes they are what they are. Dangerous. How many complaints from people being burned?
What about the psp's that gave now was it second or third degree burns i can't remember. Your paid by sony to troll so you're in the know, which was it?

you admit the batteries caused injuries, more then sony have.
But now its not the batteries burning people its the laptops themselves.


Also 'kid'? someone with your obvious lack of intelligence is either a kid themselves or just an overweight adult sat at his computer with no prospects because he never went to school.

A little bit extra time spent typing and when people are skimming your comments ready to dismiss them the might accidentally pick up some of the drivel you so desperately want them to see.

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FantasyStar5788d ago

They want that image picture back.

JPC5788d ago

“Oh yeah, the jerkstore called and they are running out of you.”

lol j/k saw the chance to use a Seinfeld quote and had to take it.

-_-5788d ago (Edited 5788d ago )

[[They should call it the Failbox imo]]

Flopbox5788d ago

They should call it ZzzBox

PopEmUp5788d ago

Lol just looking at that pic make me wanna laugh again