Top 10 Xbox 360 Games for Downloadable Content

There was once a time when you would buy a game at the store, play it, finish it, and that would be the end of it. However, now games are quite a bit different, as you can extend your gameplay beyond what is available on the disc courtesy of downloadable content. Here's a look at some games that do a fine job of utilizing Microsoft's Xbox LIVE distribution service beyond their initial content.

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Winter47th3776d ago

Rock Band's DLCs no matter how good the game is are a total rip off.

Anton Chigurh3776d ago

then you don't have to buy it

Winter47th3776d ago (Edited 3776d ago )

Unfortunately it's because of people like you that the Horse Armor exists in the first place, it's like a poor man picking any scrap he finds, but this time he pays for it, don't confuse rip offs with a worthwhile content.

Crackdown DLCs, are worth it, Burnout's are, but Rock Band's simply ain't.

Additional contents were once considered a token of appreciation by the developers to their fans for their support, so they released DLCs for free on PCs, extra levels, new weapons, vehicles..etc, and are now nothing more than a way of milking wallets, or in your case, bots.

butterfinger3776d ago

Rock Band's DLC is definitely worth it, and we should be thankful that we can bank on new releases from them every week. The songs are generally about a 1.99, or a dollar more than iTunes and you get to play them yourself through the peripherals. You don't have to get all of the DLC on there, but they release full albums now and great track packs. If I see a song I love available on Rock Band 2 for me to play with my friends, then I am beyond stoked. Like Anton Chigurh said above me, if you don't like it, don't buy it. Coming in here and pissing and moaning about it is just pointless when so many find true value in what they offer.

lnfinite3776d ago

Microsoft Charging for Everything Again

Spread Butt Cheeks3776d ago

look at all the ps3 trolls go. no games to play = life spent on n4g

butterfinger3776d ago

... says the [email protected] that created an account just to talk to PS3 trolls. It's pretty obvious you have no life as well. Now go off and insult some more people on the internet. You're a realll bad ass.

lnfinite3776d ago

Poor Xbots,Forced to Pay for Online Gaming,Forced to Pay for Free Content

lnfinite3776d ago

Microsoft are Canceling the Flop Ads feat.Jerry Flopfeld,it would be in their Best Interest to Cancel the Flopbox 360 As Well

Anton Chigurh3776d ago

I will say crackdown DLC , its really fun

YoshiMeetsU3776d ago

Crackdown and the Oblivion DLC are 2 of the best DLC purchases I ever made. Burnout Paradise seems to also have fantastic DLC/updates but it's free so props to them!

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