Bayonetta 2, Star Fox Zero & Mario Kart 8 running with glorious 60fps on the latest version of CEMU

The team behind the amazing WiiU emulator, CEMU, has released a new version and YouTube’s ‘reznoire’ has shared some videos showing Bayonetta 2, Star Fox Zero and Mario Kart 8 running in 1080p and with 60fps on it.

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KaoSouL2186d ago

That's nice.... but you should really focus your attention on making the sound less buggy...

jmc88882186d ago

The emulator was first released in October, they've made some amazing progress in only a few months.

Emulators are usually multiple year long projects.

luckytrouble2186d ago

On top of what jmc8888 mentioned, sound emulation can be surprisingly tricky and performance impacting. As a nice example, the N64 emulator for PSP, while hardly more than proof of concept, games that worked somewhat decently like OoT still took a performance hit with sound enabled.

With that in mind, I think that sound emulation is relatively low priority and is only focused on once performance is otherwise at a point where any problems caused by sound are easily identified without holding back primary functionality.

2186d ago
Gaming4Life19812186d ago

Sweet I was waiting for the new version of cemu to drop.

jholden32492186d ago

I'd rather see a kernal hack for Wii U which enables offtv play for GameCube and Wii games in the hacked vWii OS. They currently will display on the gamepad but the actual buttons on it won't work.

Wagz222186d ago

Then create consoles that can support 60 fps and 1080p? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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