Destructoid Demo Impressions: Fracture

While The Force Unleashed has been taking headlines and column inches during development, LucasArts' other project, Fracture, has been a bit more reserved.

Just in case you didn't know or failed to catch Dyson's multiplayer preview, Fracture is a third-person shooter with its a neat little terrain-shifting gimmick. Using THE PHYSICS, you can morph the game's environment around you, using various weapons and tools at your disposal to change the surroundings to your advantage.

LucasArts released a demo on the Xbox 360 today and as always Destructoid made sure to check it out. Come with Destructoid as they see how Fracture is ... shaping ... up. Hahaha. Haha. Ha.

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Masta_fro3685d ago

dont [email protected] with me, or i will make the ground grow under your feat really really fast.


Thats it mothafu...!! Prepare to be higher-grounded!

I guess i need to try this game before mocking its game play, but its still funny.