Level-5 Vision 2008 Site is Live

Let the countdown begin.

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-_-3684d ago

[[My ps3 gives me a boner]]

lnfinite3684d ago

Indeed,the Playstation 3 is one Sexy Beast

mohib-uddin79865323684d ago (Edited 3684d ago )

Before when it was Square and Enix and they didnt merge we got loads of amazing RPG's

Becuase they were competing to the death. if u went to a cemetry in any square game it woud say "he lies chacrecter from enix series game"

then when they merged we lost all the adrenaline that created quality. but now it may return

Leve 5 vs Square Enix

this can only be good for the industry

-_-3684d ago

[[level-5 for the win]]

lnfinite3684d ago

Poor Xbots,Praying for a Game from Level-5

Rick Astley3684d ago

Microsoft had their chance and then blew it back in 2003.

cahill3684d ago

expect 2 new ps3 games being announced on the 26th

Not to mention that WKS will kill x360 in Japan and europe this Fall

i_like_ff73684d ago

Just how big will white knights story be? W/e im literally starving for a jrpg!

sonarus3684d ago

I remember in an interview they said they were aiming for 60hrs of gameplay as that is what they consider to be the correct length for a standard RPG.

Rick Astley3684d ago

Ever played Rogue Galaxy? 150+ hours if you want everything.

arika3684d ago

big is an understatement. it's going to be humongous! even their psp game jean d'arc i consider the best srpg on handhelds.. that's how good this people are.
i'm getting the shivers just hearing this update on my most awaited rpg on ps3. it even beats ff 13 on my rpg list and if i have extra cash when this game comes out in japan i'll definitely order it.

Jinxstar3684d ago (Edited 3684d ago )

@ Rick.

Ever play an MMO like WoW. If you want everything... Let me put it this way my Character was Decent. Not great and above average I had... Over 3000 hours in game when I quit. =D

HardcoreGamer3684d ago

SERiously i dont knwo why, when i checked the page it was like goosbumps man serious. what if the game is better than the next FF, well its alrady better than that crap FF12

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NanoGeekTech3684d ago

Sony first real JPRG for PS3.....

deeznuts3684d ago

Well Eternal Sonata is coming first.

Oh you said REAL. Nevermind then ;)

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The story is too old to be commented.