DXracer Chair Models: Which are the Best DXracer Gaming Chairs?

Want a high quality gaming chair that boasts both looks and comfort? The DXracer chair brand may have what you want. GamerWares talks about the quality, construction, and various models offered by the DXracer gaming chair company.

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crazychris4124718d ago (Edited 718d ago )

I bought the wide series because it was the only black and red chair they had in stock...and because I'm a fatass

Alduin717d ago

Lol. I prefer a bigger chair regardless. They're usually made better and last longer. And I hate feeling cramped or even remotely restricted so going a size or two beyond what's recommended is the way to go IMO.

717d ago
OhMyGandhi717d ago

I bought a DXRacer about a year ago, and didn't care for it. Nearly 400 dollars. Stupidly expensive, and really quite stiff. I'm not sure what people see in these chairs...

Alduin717d ago

They're decent chairs. I wouldn't say the best, but they're alright. You're definitely paying more for the name than anything, though. They're big because of streamers and YouTubers. They've done a good job getting their name out there.

OhMyGandhi716d ago

to their credit, they are built incredibly well. It's just it feels like you are sitting on a molded, curved rock.