Gamestop: PC Sales are Decreasing

Talking to Gamasutra, GameStop executives have revealed that PC sales in their stores are down from a year ago, with the number of new PC retail games "down probably more than what I had anticipated", according to SVP Bob McKenzie -- but with spikes for key games like Spore and digital downloads.

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Charmers3686d ago

lol that was a good laugh. I don't doubt for a second PC games sales are down at game stop. I haven't been in a games shop for nearly 10 years. Nearly all PC gamers will use their brains and buy their games either from an online e-tailer (which is cheaper) or use an online distribution service. I know I for one avoid game shops like the plague I don't want to go into a shop that has dozens of screaming kids wanting mummy to buy "generic cutesy game number 30000".

JsonHenry3686d ago

I usually download my games (especially through STEAM) or go to BestBuy/Circuit City who usually have PC games cheaper than Gamestop or WalMart.

ChrisGTR13686d ago

yea,its rare when trolls go outside their house.

TheIneffableBob3686d ago

I haven't bought a game from GameStop in a long time.

It's either digital distribution (Steam) or a store like Circuit City. Circuit City usually have very low prices on games. I bought Battlefield 2 for $9, Darwinia for $5, and The Ship for $2.

DeadlyFire3685d ago

I doubt that its just the people that are online that decrease the sales of PC games in their stores. Its the layout of the stores themselves. Not only that I doubt that everyone has converted to digital downloads and buying off the net just yet. I know a good chunk has though. Its not likely I will be joining that group for another 2-10 years or whenever I get faster Broadband.

Gamestop is hardly PC gamer friendly. I find PC games easier in Wal-Mart. Gamestop doesn't have the PC section labeled very well and usually its in the back of the store on a rack and away from everything else with nothing marking it as a PC section except whats on the boxes of the games. Meanwhile they have PS3, Wii, and X360 on the wall when you walk in the door you can see them clearly by the markers over the wall and the wall of games with a marker above them on the wall telling you what platform they are on instantly. If you want a PC game you have to take a minute and scan the store. I don't see how this is shocking news though. Wal-Mart probably sells a hell of alot more Retail versions of PC games than they do.

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moses3686d ago

After my last dealing with gamestop, I'm never going back. Recently I've been using steam for my games, and I love it. I don't have to deal with EA's DRM bullshit with Crysis:Warhead on steam. Also, I get up to 1.8mpbs downloads, so games install really quick, rather then going to the store and paying just as much, plus gas money, plus tax to buy the same game.

Charmers3686d ago

hate to break it to you moses but buying from steam does not make you immune from the EA DRM. I believe Crysis Warhead on steam uses the exact same drm as the retail version and that includes limited activations. I only just found out myself and it is too late to cancel my order now. However this is a heads up for the future steam DOES include the same drm as the retail versions.

moses3686d ago

If you delete the local content and redownload it, same deal? I've had multiple people download it from my account so far, and it's been fine, unless they upped the original amount.

Charmers3686d ago

I can't comment on it really since I can't even get the game yet. Steam seem to be acting like right idiots at the moment with the european release. However there is a 6 page thread on it already :-


including this latest post :-

"Ok get this! After having so many issues with Crysis: Warhead installation via Steam I did a HD format. Guess what? I've downloaded the game again and now it's asking for an activation code????? 1 freaking format!!!!"

I won't be touching an EA game again no matter what format it takes I can tell you.

fourteentoone3686d ago

You don't need to look at stats to work out that PC retail games will probably not exist for that much longer.

Digital distribution / Steam etc... is the way forward.

REPLOID243686d ago

the games are requiring rigs that average gamers can't afford.

JsonHenry3686d ago

Meh - $700 can build you a gaming rig easy. Even less money if you already have a case/powersupply/OS on hand.

Parapraxis3686d ago

have more to do with most PC games bought at retail come with Keys now, and they aren't suited to resell. Gamestop is a glorified pawn shop, they don't have any interest in PC games because they can't mark them up and resell them 100 times over.

moses3686d ago

And buy it from a name brand like Alienware or Dell maybe. If you take a few hours to research how to build and what to buy, you can save yourself more then a thousand dollars.

Gorgon3686d ago

And you're expecting game companies to spend millions of dollars in PC game development just so that the only people who plays them are the more tech savy people who build their own computers more cheaply? Gaming is a mass market and game companies want MONEY. That's why PC gaming is going down the drain. That and piracy.

Altered_Soul3686d ago


You would be surprised how many people are tech savvy enough to realize they don't want to pay Dell out the ass, and that pretty much everyone now knows someone who can build them on on the cheap, if they don't know how to do it themselves. Pretty much my entire family is running computers that I built for them, and they aren't even gamers, nor highly tech savvy.

REPLOID243685d ago

you are dead on, dude. i get intimidated by pc gaming because i don't know what the hell i'm doing. i wish i did, though.

Gorgon3685d ago

"You would be surprised how many people are tech savvy enough to realize they don't want to pay Dell out the ass..."

I do know, I build my own PCs. It just happens that if you want to sell games like Crysis to people, you can't rely on the techies or that potential buyers know people to buy affrodable gamming PCs. You simply have to assume that the game runs well on any medium speced PC, which clearly is not the direction die-hard PC gamers want to go. Add piracy to the recepie and you get the explanation for the rise of consoles.

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Xi3686d ago

I use steam or some other online application to get it.

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