Shin'en opens up on Fast RMX and Nintendo Switch

We caught up with Shin'en Multimedia's Manfred Linzner to learn more about the game and what Nintendo's new platform offers.

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thesoftware7302670d ago

Nice, I will get it.
4 player split screen at 1080p, 60fps.

I think when this sytem gets into full swing people will be surprised at the power of such a small device.

The 10th Rider2670d ago

Have the Wii U game and can confirm the game looks great even on Wii U and is a blast to play. It takes a lot of skill, but it's easily for new players to pick up and play because everything's easy to understand. I hope they see more success on Switch! Nintendo should partner with them for F-Zero if they're not going to make something on their own.

NapalmSanctuary2670d ago

Really hoping for a physical edition of this one.


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XDefiant dev promises fix to frustrating hit reg issues, though players remain skeptical

Mark Rubin, XDefiant’s executive producer, responded to an X/Twitter post that fixes to hit reg “are something [they] are working on.” Unfortunately, it’s unclear when it will arrive, as neither Rubin nor the development team have yet to provide an actual time frame.

just_looken2d ago (Edited 2d ago )

Ha man what is this the 8th time they are working on this issue?

SO the game is using division one maps/assets with some divison 2 thrown in with that we can say they never really made the maps so what have they been doing for there 6 to perhaps 8 years of dev time? must be alot of hookers/blow/parties.


Notellin1d 19h ago

It's astounding how much money they blow and this is the results. Gaming development is out of control.

just_looken1d 9h ago

Right even when ubisoft cancelled division heartland as a beta player that game was a far better state then they push with this trash of a game that is still in a beta state after 3 years of delay's.

we are so starved of any decent fps/3rd person shooters out there it seems we will take anything even though some ps2 fps games were more fun then this game in my old opinion.

FPS_D3TH1d 18h ago

Skeptical because it was an issue with ALL the betas and still hasn’t been fixed

just_looken1d 9h ago

Its like they are using division one servers but they caught fire then were put together with barry/carols help from the janitors wing or some shit. Three years they still can not make it so the gun goes boom the guy gets hit then damage is applied.


The Alters Q&A - Creating a Game About the Roads Not Taken

Wccftech interviewed The Alters Lead Designer Rafał Włosek to learn more about the making of The Alters and its feature set.

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