Shin'en opens up on Fast RMX and Nintendo Switch

We caught up with Shin'en Multimedia's Manfred Linzner to learn more about the game and what Nintendo's new platform offers.

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thesoftware7302127d ago

Nice, I will get it.
4 player split screen at 1080p, 60fps.

I think when this sytem gets into full swing people will be surprised at the power of such a small device.

The 10th Rider2127d ago

Have the Wii U game and can confirm the game looks great even on Wii U and is a blast to play. It takes a lot of skill, but it's easily for new players to pick up and play because everything's easy to understand. I hope they see more success on Switch! Nintendo should partner with them for F-Zero if they're not going to make something on their own.

NapalmSanctuary2127d ago

Really hoping for a physical edition of this one.