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Not all exclusive content free for Bioshock PS3?

That Gaming Site:

I was today reading the 170th issue of PLAY (UK), a magazine dedicated to PlayStation. When I got to page 50, there was an interesting article about Bioshock and I really am anticipating this game, so started to have a read. Something really stuck out to me though.

Coming near the end of the article, I read this,

New to Bioshock on PS3 are separate downloadable Challenge Rooms, Which demand use of the game's plasmids to solve a series of puzzles."

See anything strange? Read again and again…

Hit the link for the rest

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chaosatom3777d ago (Edited 3777d ago )

now i am definetely not going to buy the game /sarcasm.

If the challenges rooms are that good, then it will sell. If they are not, then it won't. If they comes as extras, then I am fine with it.

DLC is going to be last thing in my mind. Give me the game first.

YoshiMeetsU3777d ago

Great comment! "Give me the game first" exactly! Enjoy this great game and then if you find you want more of the experience check out the DLC. The game even without the DLC is worth the purchase.

HighDefinition3777d ago (Edited 3777d ago )

Who knows? This could be EXTRA EXTRA stuff. Stop LOOKING for reason to hate on Bioshock PS3.

SmokingMonkey3777d ago

BioShock was going to my 1st 360 game, but as time went on i've realized; i don't need a 360 for anything.

Hellsvacancy3777d ago

It was one of the reasons why i was going to buy a 360 - but after all this time and wait Bioshocks a month away

CNIVEK3777d ago

...because I've used similar logic, for holding out on getting a PS3. By the time it has enough quality exclusives I'm interested in, the price will be around $300, and a lot of earlier titles will be dirt cheap. However, by that time, I'll either not care about playing games that old, or the next XBOX will be ready to launch. I likely will NEVER bother with the PS3, because Sony was greedy at launch, and didn't have enough games I wanted since.

Ju3777d ago

"greedy at launch" .... they took a huge loss, goddammit. Gaming is so big, that companies are willing to sell without profit. No other market allows that. Far from being "greedy".

Pebz3777d ago

The large companies selling without profit has nothing to do with not being greedy. Their sole purpose is to make money and as much of it as possible. Them being greedy, however, does not mean they are not intelligent, and as such, they understand that if they are too greedy, they end up with less money.

Intelligence and greed are not mutually exclusive. It is wisdom that teaches that perhaps it's fine to not take and take as much as possible, but that would require a conscience, and as far as said companies are concerned... well, let's not even go there.

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The story is too old to be commented.