Sony sells 5 million PS3 games worldwide

Sony has sold over 5 million games so far and a total of 500,000 PS3 users have now connected their PS3 to the Playstation Network Platform; 25% of the 2 million units shipped worldwide.

At the same time Sony confirmed that the Gran Turismo HD Concept demo has been downloaded 300,000 times in just twenty days in Japan alone.

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CyberSentinel5228d ago

Consider the source of this information.

The great 15228d ago

Xbox peopel can't handle it they don't have to read it haha!

TheMART5228d ago



They're laying in the shops, just like the PS3 units themselve

Every PS3 unit sells about 1.5 game attach rate. That's for sure.

So let's say the shipped 1 million PS3's in 2006 and about sold them maybe yet.

Thats 1.5 million games sold. 3.5 million games laying in the shops doing nothing. NICE

5228d ago
Shadow Flare5228d ago

ooo haha, oh that was ruthless. And actually well deserved. Well done great 1

Mart, here's a tip. Maybe you should get some fresh air. You know, i mean, maybe you should pull your head out of Bill Gates ass

PS3 has sold 5 million games. Try saying something like 'congratulations'. I'm sure xbots have chips in there head which has a 'counter any positive ps3 article' setting. And the other setting is for when he dreams of skipping through the woods with Billy boy Gates, birds sing his name and squirrels press his pants

Arkham5228d ago

OFCS, enough. Both companies use "shipped" and "sold" interchangeably. Actually Microsoft hides behind it more than Sony, I hate to say. If both companies would just stick to one number and allow the independant agencies deal with actual sold numbers then everyone would be a lot happier.

You can't ship umpteenhundredthousand units in a month and next month say how many were sold. You simply cannot process the data from the thousands of retailers that quickly.

Your famous "10.4 Million 360s Sold" is--I do admit, as far as I can research--shipped/sold into retail channels. I honestly cannot find any definitive statements from the source on that, which is irksome. At least Sony admits 'shipped'.

Now NINTENDO...Whoah... There's a sold ratio the competitors would die for.

InMyOpinion5228d ago

What you're saying is that none of you ever get laid and that you spend too much time in here. Then you try to lay it on The Mart, it's quite obvious.

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FFVIIFan5228d ago

That's stretching it, but I could believe in the 4's. Also, you cant just look at attach rate. I myself only got Resistance with my PS3 at launch, but I got 3 more later on.