Nintendo Plans To Release Up To 3 iPhone Games Per Year: Switch Is Main Focus

The first two Nintendo games for the iPhone is a huge success, and as such, the company wants to create multiple titles per year.

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AntonyMatthews684d ago

Somebody needs to tell Nintendo that mobile cash grabs are not a long-term financial plan.

Maybay684d ago

It's mostly to advertise their software and products. Ever since Pokemon Go; 3DS sales have spiked higher in sales (and are hard to find). Pokemon also earned close to a billion dollars ($960 million) in revenue for 2016.

TheUndertaker85684d ago

Can we stop this nonsense please?

Nintendo does not hold full rights to Pokemon Go. It has been confirmed on numerous occasions that Nintendo is only a stakeholder with a majority not being held by Nintendo at all.

Then to make matters better their Super Mario Run mobile title which came after Pokemon Go has not shared near the same results. Every day sees conversion from the demo to a $10 purchase dwindling. Statistics have shown less than four percent actually bought the paid product. That number is likely close to three percent by now.

Maybe instead of releasing advertisements masked as mobile games they should I dunno. Use that money to produce actual titles for its upcoming Switch, the Wii U which they gave the death sentence to instead, or the existing 3DS which according to Nintendo is not being replaced by Switch.

Mobile games are not going to bring you long term profit. Super Mario Run in particular proves this. They got some users to convert but after the initial first week conversion has fallen. People aren't spending the ten dollars on the purchase of a mobile title that has been confirmed to not see any future support along with talks of a second one coming instead.

rjason12684d ago

@the undertaker,
Pokemon go proves you wrong. Regardless of how much they made from that game, sales of Pokemon games and mercy are up, and so are 3ds hardware sales. Pokemon trading cards more than doubled in the U.K. Pokemon sun and moon sold almost 15 million games in one month, etc

ZeekQuattro684d ago

Its hard for me to look at how well Pokemon Sun and Moon are doing and not attribute part of it to Pokemon Go's success. It a little over a months time Sun and Moon are over 14 million. The last Pokemon game stands at over 16 million. Sun and Moon are going to surpass that easily and in record time and yet people still try to write off Pokemon Go's influence. lol

iofhua684d ago

... Android?

*echoes into the silence*

TheGamez100684d ago

Same here lol, cool that they mentioned fire emblem to be on android before mentioning iphone though