Nidzumi: Burnout Bikes Quasi-Review: Visually Invigorating

Nidzumi writes: "Today we got our hands on the 2nd free update to the critically acclaimed Burnout Paradise. It's already been said how refreshing it is to see a company like EA offer this content away at no extra cost. Hopefully it's something we will see carry onto other titles because the truth is this free content has kept Burnout Paradise in the limelight it deserves. Sometimes you have to ask yourself, if they charged for it would people be this favourable towards the developer and the content?

Burnout Paradise received it's biggest overhaul to date with the expansion adding a full 24 hour night day cycle, extra vehicles namely bikes and a ton of extra features and modes that support the current world. The night/day cycle adds so much in terms of visuals to the game. Before Burnout Paradise had just been about the day and it looked gorgeous. But now, partially due to the lack of alternative atmospheric effects previously, it appears more dynamic and creates a more believable setting."

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