UGO: Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia Hands-on Preview

UGO writes: "Maybe the Belmonts and those who follow their lead have it all wrong. Has Dracula ever actually done anything so terrible, other than drinking the blood of the innocents to keep himself alive? Can't rightly knock a dude for just trying get by. It's a crumbling, monster-infested castle out there and we've all got to do what we can to look out for number one. Whatever the case, we're once again trying to bring the bastard down in Konami's upcoming Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia for Nintendo DS.

Ecclesia marks the third iteration in the series to be released exclusively for Nintendo touchy-feely handheld. We finally got to sample some of it – roughly, the first 45 minutes – at Konami's recent holiday preview event and are here to share some impressions. It's a larger adventure this time, and apparently a Belmont-free one, but make no mistake: before the credits roll, you'll have jammed some sort of stake into the heart of the fiendish bloodsucker's plans."

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