Action Trip: Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Review

Action Trip writes: "While the enthusiasm for Lord of the Rings and Star Wars has certainly grown dimmer over the past few years, publishers are assiduously trying to cash in on both licenses. Now, we cannot deny that LucasArts put money and effort behind some of the best games ever made, but in truth it's been ages since they offered a decent tribute to their beloved Star Wars franchise. For LucasArts, the recipe was straightforward, especially when industry tendencies revolved around space shooters. As soon as the genre started fading, the company went back to the drawing board, turning to new genres and fresh game technologies. Eventually, this led them to the concepts behind Star Wars: The Force Unleashed."

+Compelling characters
+Well-written narrative
+Cool force powers
+Great atmosphere

-Serious bugs haven't been ironed out
-Contrary to expectations, this isn't the pinnacle of Star Wars in gaming

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