GamesRadar: Kickass Bruce Lee clones

GamesRadar writes: "Fact: Bruce Lee is better than Chuck Norris. Lee never hawked Bowflexes in his quest for the perfect mixed martial arts form. Lee kicked Norris' ass in Way of the Dragon. And it was Lee who brought his proprietary blend of Kung Fu kickass-ery to the mainstream with his wild whoops, and a roundhouse kick that packed more power than the millions of stale internet jokes about his co-star.

So why all the Lee love on a videogame site? When you think about it, almost every major fighting franchise features a Bruce Lee clone. And why not? Lee's likeness and fast fists fit great in just about any game where two people try to beat the crap out of each other. That's why we're paying tribute to our favorite Lee clones of all of all time, the ones who captured the best qualities of the late and great martial arts master."

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