HillCrest Labs' Lawsuit On Nintendo Is Legit

WiiBlog: I just received a very interesting email from an exec at HillCrest Labs, the company who's filing a lawsuit against Nintendo. It appears that the ITC has formally recognized the suit, and will begin an investigation.

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beavis4play3679d ago

hmmmmmmmm.....could be trouble in nintendo land.

Megatron083679d ago

wonder why MS doesnt sue both of those companies they released a motion contoller back in 98

iHEARTboobs3679d ago

Well, i think technically the first motion controller could go to Nintendo and their "Power Glove."

ChickeyCantor3679d ago

Or Atari for that matter.
It's not really the hardware itself.
Mostlikely they are suing Nintendo because you navigate trough Menus in a similar way....but i think their controller uses Gyroscopes if i'm not mistaken, and Wii uses IR.

Megatron083679d ago

Oh ya forgot about the powerglove but I didnt actuall say it was the 1st.

got to laugh at the fact that I got disagree for stating a simple fact

Enigma_20993679d ago

... or they just don't like you.

Product3678d ago

If the tech isnt the same nintendo has nothing to worry about.

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TheColbertinator3679d ago

I hope Nintendo gets out of this one.

StephanieBBB3679d ago

It would be much better if they lost like 80% of the money they made from the wii so they for once could do something instead of only caring about themselves.

My point is, If this forced them to make some "REAL" games for us gamers it surely would't hurt...

ChickeyCantor3679d ago (Edited 3679d ago )

Do you even know what you are talking about?
If you think that will make them make "core" titles than you are highly mistaken.

little money will be left and can't make the games they always been making. This will result in Wii-chess 20.

These "real" games are in the make, considering how much time they take to make them, consider how much money goes into it.

Ok, you know what, Can you show use that they arent making a New Nintendo game?
Please do tell and details please.

Money must be growing on a tree in your garden

NoxiousD3679d ago

I actually know a few employees at Hillcrest, they did indeed have this technology and implemented it well. When, the Wii came out my friend knew a lawsuit was coming. So they waited.. And now is the time,if this is a win for them, most likely it is.. Be expecting some drastic changes in nintendo.. some one is getting fired.

slowpoke23679d ago (Edited 3679d ago )

I agree with everyone else on this matter, if they had a legit claim and wasn't trying to patent troll, then why would they wait all this time. Let's face it, this is just a money scheme, plain and simple, another frivolous lawsuit. It's a sad state we're in these days, people who can't make it on their own sue others because, hey their products looks like ours and man are they making bank, let's rob their bank. I wonder how things would of turned out if these sort of people were around when console gaming 1st started, let's face it, they were all clones of the original but yet no one got sued every few months. Also 1 last thing, who actually even heard of or knew that hillcrest labs existed before they sued nintendo and has anyone actually used their products in real life as an consumer?

Product3678d ago

no one is getting fired.
you know how many of these pop up against nintendo a year?
if your successful then your the target....look at hackers with the windows programs compares to unix,the more popular always gets [email protected]#ed because people would rather take money then earn it.

SpartanGR3679d ago (Edited 3679d ago )

People at Hillcrest are such assholes. Wii is 2 year old now,and i'm sure Hillcrest certainly knew about the wii controllers from the beginning so why the wait?

ChickeyCantor3679d ago

I think that they are being assholes, IF they really cared for their patents how come they just noticed something.
The Wiis controller is freaking popular even with people with out a Wii(connecting it to the PC and such).
Their lawsuite is just out of place.

ozsman3679d ago

They waited until Nintendo sold millions. So they could get more money.(if they win).
But your right though, their nothing but a bunch of eh-holes....

tonsoffun3679d ago

So any pointing device is in direct violation of the patent?

ChickeyCantor3679d ago

so cover your fingers.

Enigma_20993679d ago

... but as long as you're not making a huge profit, they could give a d*mn...

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