Fast RMX on Switch offers 1080p 60fps with 4-player splitscreen

Developer Shin'en Multimedia details the benefits of Nintendo's new hardware in an interview with Gamereactor.

"On Wii U it was tough to get to the visuals we wanted at 60fps. We had to use a lot of tricks to make it happen at all. For instance, on Wii U we were able to pull off two player split-screen racing at 720p and 60fps. Not bad at all, but with three or four players we had to scale down 30fps. Well, most racing games today don't even feature split-screen at all, so we didn't felt too bad about it. However, on the Switch we didn't had that limit. On Nintendo Switch in TV mode we now have four player split-screen, at 1080p and 60fps with much more details enabled."

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Neonridr720d ago

that still goes to show that the system is definitely more powerful than the Wii U.

Neonridr720d ago

no, just trying to clear the air for the ones on this site who claimed that it was barely more powerful than a Wii U. 720p/30fps on the Wii U to 1080p/60fps on the Switch (for 4 player gameplay) is quite a sizeable leap in pixels.

Erik7357720d ago

Sadly, this will probably surprises a lot of doubters of the Switch who believed the unrealistic rumored of the old dev kit specs being the final specs.

conanlifts720d ago

Early reports from digital foundry, without knowing the full customisations, have already confirmed undocked it is slightly more powerful than a wiiu and docked at least 2.5x the power. This is a minimum bench mark as they do not know what enhancements have been done.

gedden7720d ago (Edited 720d ago )

Who said 1080p/60 couldn't be done with the Switch??? I'm sure these haters will say "Yeah, in dock mode" can't do that on the go... -___- Always the moving goal posts. BTW that's 1080p @60 FPS, 4 PLAYERS SPLIT SCREEN. WOW!

BlacKJesu5720d ago

I'm not a hater just a realist....this isn't the game to gloat about with 1080/'s not very demanding in style....

game4funz720d ago

Tell me... How do you know? Not disagreeing but wondering what you use for your metric.... To determine what you think is demanding vs what CPU and graphic processors will actually find demanding.

Erik7357720d ago

Shit, halo can't even do splitscreen on xbox

gedden7720d ago

have you seen this game in motion? Moving goal post..

BlacKJesu5720d ago

Game4funz: because noone has ever said wipeout pushed a system to the limits lol come on other f zero on gamecube these style racers aren't taxing

Erik7357: that would be on an other weak ass system....bad example and that's a shooter

Gedden: it's not a goal post for's a bar...a bar very low to the ground....

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OtakuDJK1NG-Rory720d ago

And they aren't here I wonder why? 1080p 60fps with 4 player

EddieNX 720d ago (Edited 720d ago )

This game looks stunning and Shinen really punch above their weight. This proves that the Switch is clearly a big step above Wiiu. Its in between Wiiu and Xbox one in home mode and probably closer to XB1 .

I recon they could of got Zelda at 1080p with more time and effort. They probably just settled for 900p 30 locked, in future switch should knock out better looking games than Zelda @ 1080p

conanlifts720d ago (Edited 720d ago )

Zelda was never built for switch hardware, it was a port. It would be more challenging getting to 1080p than if they had built it for switch in the first place.

TheColbertinator720d ago

Very impressive. Nintendo should have these guys make F-Zero Switch after.

esmittystud101720d ago

I wouldn't believe anything Nintendo says. The are the biggest liers between them,Sony, and Microsoft.

They said the Wii U would be weaned out just like Xbox 360 and PS3 were.............


Karma will get them. I can already hear third party developers packing up their stuff and leaving in the middle of the night.

Realplaya720d ago

So you hate every company out there that says products on a global level I take it.

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