Making of Left 4 Dead Video Presentation

Doug Lombardi has sent L4D411 an exclusive 10-minute HD video presentation by Gabe Newell on the making of Left 4 Dead along with an extended E3 trailer. This presentation was originally made at E3 2008 for members of the press and E3 awards judges, and contains portions not previously available to us common folk.

Gabe goes into detail on many aspects of the making of Left 4 Dead, including their goals in development, the what and why of the AI Director, all about the monsters including animation, physics and AI, and also all about the world including graphics and lighting technology.

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solar4452d ago

awesome stuff. this game is going to rock. but all Valve titles does so :D

INehalemEXI4452d ago (Edited 4452d ago )

Ever since I watched I been wanting to play a good Zombie Game lately. I think Left4Dead captures that kind of gameplay better then most Zombie games.

peowpeow4452d ago (Edited 4452d ago )

Great fast paced co-op style action

redsnake4452d ago

i dunno this game looks all right but i know it will be bad

beans4452d ago

This game is looking sick...The lighting and AI alone puts this game way over the top. PC and 360 fans have a sleeper hit on there hands. Valve knows there stuff and this game to me is going to be the FPS of the year.

TheIneffableBob4452d ago

Sleeper hit?

It's being made by Valve.
It's going to be huge.