Sony Respond to Warhawk Rumors

Yesterday, posted an article titled "High Profile PS3 Title in Trouble." The site claimed an inside source working on a PlayStation 3 game said that development had "stalled completely." The company then brought in a new director to help salvage the project, but Sony Computer Entertainment America wants to cash out and "stop the bleeding," according to the insider. The source says that "infighting" and a "lack of clear direction" were the reasons for the game's crash, and that several employees have jumped ship and headed to other development studios.

The article went on to say that the game may be released as a download on the PlayStation Store, as there are only four complete missions and "online multi-player isn't even guaranteed." "This is pretty shocking when you consider that the game was once set to be a major release," says the article's author.

So how does Warhawk get tied into this mess? Pure speculation, apparently. Rumor Reporter never mentions the game's name, but when news of the article was thrown to the dogs at the Gaming-Age message boards, the common consensus was that the game was almost certainly the PlayStation 3 version of Warhawk. A Joystiq report says that Rumor Reporter confirmed that the game in question was Warhawk, but any mention of Warhawk as the game in trouble on Rumor Reporter has since been removed.

GameSpot went straight to the source and got the following comment from Sony: "The rumors are false. We're still in development with the same team at Incognito and we're excited to show the progress of the game to media within the next month or so. At the same time, we'll be able to confirm an updated release date, too."

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PS3n3605433d ago

Sony says its false so it must be. Sony never ever not once even remotely stretched the truth on hear that you xbotbug zombie fangirls now prepare to be PWNZORED by the mighty Sony you M$ LUZORZ LOLZ LOLZ. Grow up JiZm

HiSpeedSoldier615433d ago (Edited 5433d ago )

What a close call, I am so happy to hear that all the rumors of Warhawk being flushed down the toilet were all false; Warhawk was the first PSone game that I played back in '96 and it was the primary reason I purchased a playstation back then. I hope sony makes it available on the playstation's store pretty soon, maybe shortly after the release of the new version on PS3, that would be great.

Now that some of the hopes and dreams of 360 loyalists have been crushed, maybe they will realize most of the BS that is flung at the PS3 is false and that they shouldn't wet their panties in excitement too soon.

Shadow Flare5433d ago (Edited 5433d ago )

when will people learn rumours mean jack if their not official

big_tim5433d ago

that they didn't can this one. It is a promising title if they pull it off right. I am interested to see the updated screens and info "in the next month or so."

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The story is too old to be commented.