New Need for Speed: "Most Exciting and Best Looking Need for Speed Game;" Focusing on Innovation

During Electronic Arts' quarterly financial conference call, Chief Executive Officer Andrew Wilson talked about the next Need for Speed title.

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Az1mov2671d ago (Edited 2671d ago )

Don't they say that every time? the catchphrase... If need for speed doesn't change hands, to another publisher, it will stay mediocre. Best looking, not hard to achieve, however innovation takes brilliant minds with a vision - Not a copy/paste template.

Jon615862671d ago

Well the latest one had a lot more good than bad. I'm looking forward to when they start using motorcycles. I just think the time is ripe for such a foray. I think if they can do the customization od NFSU2 the maps of Most Wanted 2 and Rivals and the police from Most Wanted 1 that to me would be the best racing game ever.

Az1mov2671d ago

those elements combined would make for a solid package alright :) future will tell, but it seems that they are driving this franchise to the grounds. Arcade-ish racing games' future never looked so bleak though

Retroman2671d ago

That was the "PROBLEM " with Rivals and Mostwanted combining 3 games into one.
most gamers including myself said WTF? is this? if this New title same as the reboot always online combine with criterion Mostwanted combine with Rivals combined with need for Speed Shift we have another Flop on our hands .

FITgamer2671d ago

The OG Most Wanted was the last good NFS. Series has fell off since.

Princess_Pilfer2671d ago (Edited 2671d ago )

Hot Pursuit (2010) says hello. I know it's secretly a lovechild of Burnout 3 and Hot Pursuit 2, but it is (ironically) the most true to the series roots (barreling down winding open roads in supercars at 140 mph) thing the series has done since... well since Hot Pursuit 2. It' also the best thing the series has done, since ever.

I know nostalgia is a big thing with people and Undergound hit during the Fast and Furious craze which made it an instant hit with all the tweens and early to mid teens, but there were actually NFS games before Underground, and Underground (and it's spawn) isn't even that good. Hilarious "gangster" nonsense is hilarious, Midnight Club 3 was better at customization, and everything controls like a tank (or a shopping cart depending on the game and your use of the handbake/slow time thingy.) The Underground series does not have the precision control necessary for the tight, technical city tracks to be interesting (even much faster paced and more obviously arcadey racing games like Midnight Club 2 and 3 have sharper controls) and nor is it big on the windy open roads and high speeds, save a few freeway races, that its controls can handle.

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Liqu1d2671d ago

I'd rather have them focus on making good driving physics. And just make Underground 3 already.

UCForce2671d ago

And hopefully, the next one is not always online. I can't believe why they included it the previous one.

monsoon_moon2671d ago (Edited 2671d ago )

Or a new Most Wanted that's actually deserving of the title. Either or.

Liqu1d2671d ago

I'll gladly take a worthy successor to Most Wanted.

Inzo2671d ago

Or just remaster Most Wanted.

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frostypants2671d ago (Edited 2671d ago )

The last NFS to have anything approaching realistic physics was the original back in '94. Every NFS since then has been 100% arcade.

EDIT: I see some of you have never actually driven a car...

monsoon_moon2670d ago

I don't want a racing sim from NFS. I have Forza for that. I want an arcade racer. No one thinks NFS is realistic.

andrewsquall2671d ago

Which would be done best on a game engine built from the ground up for the driving genre, not Frostbite.

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StormLegend2671d ago

Please just go back to the Hot Pursuit series. No more story mode cutscenes or nightime only worlds

samden2671d ago

The original Hot Pursuit will always be the best!

StormLegend2671d ago

The second one is my all time favorite!

Drizzy2671d ago

I'm with you on the night time only, give us dynamic weather already!

ChiefofLoliPolice2670d ago

Who on gods green earth wants dynamic weather in a NFS game? Seriously?

Retroman2671d ago

Amen Travis. Someone see the Light . No more unnecessary live action cutscene ,no more nightmare racing only world . could not pause the game ,no more constant drifting . Please !!!!! go back to old-fashioned Hotpursuit style .

Goldby2671d ago

to be fair about the constant drifting in the new one, that would have been due to the set up you had on the vehicle.

stick with grip and you get minimal sliding in the back. the drift option tho is way to loose.

Adexus2671d ago

Haven't been a fan of NFS since Most Wanted, ever since they changed the handling model to a slow, "more realistic" one.

samden2671d ago (Edited 2671d ago )

To a slow, tank like one

Adexus2671d ago

Tank like, perfect description of how NFS feels these days.