Representation of Wales and the Welsh in gaming

The purpose of this post is to put a bit of inform readers about the representation of Wales and the Welsh in gaming. (Wales is the country UK country that nobody's heard off.) However, hings are looking up for the representation of Wales in the video game industry. All things Welsh are slowly but surely becoming more and more integrated into the industry, and in novel and diverse ways to boot. It’s looking like this trend won’t buck anytime soon, with gamers of all nations highly resonating with these Welsh and Wales-inspired characters.…

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2729d ago
Angerfist2729d ago

There were the Rally Tracks that have always been set in Wales


Japan: Nintendo gacha key-rings available in their stores

Japan is the home of Nintendo’s main headquarters. Because of this, the country tends to get a lot more merchandising and goodies for Nintendo fans compared to the rest of the world.

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Soulframe: Where Dark Fantasy Meets Empathetic Storytelling

Soulframe, the fantasy counterpart to Digital Extremes' Warframe, is shaping up to be something truly special in an otherwise crowded market.

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OtterX6h ago

For me, these Mario + Rabbids games were the best thing Ubisoft has developed in recent years. I'd hate to see Ubisoft drive the series into the ground like their other properties, so I think 2 games are enough. Maybe 1 more.

XiNatsuDragnel5h ago

Good luck in your future endeavors

Hotpot3h ago

Thank you for Mario + Rabbids series, I quite enjoyed it

Einhander19723h ago

Great games, I have wanted Sony to copy these games with their own mascots for years.

DefaultComment19m ago

I think Nintendo has to hire this guy, I mean the fact that miuamoto himself said to him that he is impressed with this work, speaks volumes. Th possibility on having Mario on Soliani's hand could be incredible and quite possibly a new era for Mario games.