Rising Fun: Square Enix discusses the challenges facing Japan

Develop: With Games Up reminding us every few weeks that our education system isn't fit to produce skilled workers for the games industry, and the relative quietness of our friends in the US and Canada, it's easy to think that we're the only ones out there with the problem.

But, in fact, Japan is facing a similar shortage, says Square Enix chief technologist Naoto Yoshioka, in an interview with Develop published today as part of our focus on the Asian development scene.

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Rick Astley3774d ago (Edited 3774d ago )


God I miss Squaresoft.

DevastationEve3773d ago

They did so many things right back then. But I overall approve of their current structure. I just really hope that they know who their fans were. And who they are I've always regarded them as premiere software developers. Nothing's changed, they're just trying to grow. And they haven't betrayed Sony in the least bit. FF is still primarily synonymous with PlayStation. There will be FFs on PS3. There will be FFs on PS4.