SOCOM: Confrontation Beta impressions - post v1.30 update

In my previous impressions article I mentioned how the game was shaping up very well but it had glaring bugs that really reduced the fun-factor of the online play. Well, I am glad to say that today Slant 6 has released patch v1.30 to help alleviate these problems. Let's see what improvements, if any, have been done.

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Storm233686d ago

Awesome. Glad they are making changes and doing them pretty quickly. Hopefully the final release will be very smooth with all the kinks worked out.

-PINNER-3686d ago

As long as they fix the bugs for the launch of the game, I'm alright with the beta being buggy. It's still fun as hell and I can't wait to play the final copy and the new maps!

Tyetan3686d ago

It's not a dog statue, it's a lion.

Scotracer3686d ago

Ha, good catch. I've just fixed it. I was too busy having fun to take notice of what animal it was :)

WINZLOW3686d ago

yes big baehr
hence its a beta. the issue about runing and the night vision automatically shutting off should be fixed since there are much more hardcore socom fans out there comapared to me. Another issue i saw is that when you press R2 to sprint, you can only sprint in a straight direction. come on i play basketball and you need to be a little herky jerky so i hope the devs fix that as well. i love how it is not as easy as COD4 to throw a grenade. i think you have to.... is it circle?? yeah you have to hold circle and choose it to throw it thus Socom is not a frag fest.

The major issue i have with this beta is the spawn points. Ive memorized the opposite corners of the map where the enemy always spawns. When your in a match it seems like 50% of the time either you are raping the opponent or they are raping you. there needs to be a spawn choosing point. is this so hard to recognize???

all this does not mean that i will not buy the game though, i still want this game and the mic with the hope that everything will be fixed from the beta's issues

this comment was from another socom article, have any of these issues been fixed???