Episode 454: Rather Die Than Switch

Gaming Podcast is back after the one week break, and finally truly weighs in on the announcement of the Switch – and aren’t impressed. What does impress the crew is the latest addition to the survival horror genre, Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, which takes the radical approach of being a survival horror game. They also ponder about how great a Zelda/Minecraft game would be.

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Nintendo-or-Nothing624d ago

I didnt listen to the podcast to know that these guys tastes are out of touch! When I want a fun game Nintendo always delivers. Resident Evil might be a great horror game for those that think the SAW series is a masterpiece but you couldn't be any further apart as far as gaming experience.

The Nintendo Switch will be the system to have.

Moonman623d ago (Edited 623d ago )

If anyone has ever seen The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, then they know where Resident Evil 7 got it's inspiration. I haven't played RE7 but I damn sure know it's not better than the whole library of the Nintendo Switch.

Let them die, its all about Switch

622d ago
curtis92623d ago

All I know is RE7 is amazing and I can't wait for Switch.