Rumored PS Store Content for 9/18

Normally StalkingSilence handles the Rumored PS Store content, this week I (Sev1512) will be stepping in for him, since StalkingSilence is busy enjoying his Honeymoon!! I hope that I can live up to StalkingSilence's amazing work.

Today we have at least 2 demos confirmed (Fracture & Mercenaries 2), as well as DLC for Burnout Paradise, and Puzzle Quest PSP Full Game. Also don't forget, if you haven't purchased the COD4 Variety Map Pack, for this week only you can buy it for a reduced price of $4.99.

Here is some of the content we may see today.

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chaosatom3683d ago

Is the COD4 pack worth it?

Sev3683d ago

I couldn't answer that, I sold my COD4 after I beat it. I am not that big into online gaming.

But for $4.99, it should be worth it, especially since people have been gladly paying $9.99 for it.

Nitrowolf23683d ago

well you can only use them online, not offline
i didnt get it for that reason

BigBaehr3683d ago

Unless your one of those people who complain about too much camping, then yes.

Panipal20053683d ago

Well done Sev, you managed to get your RUMOURED story published AFTER an actual story about the 18/09/08 update was published, plus as usual you got a ****load WRONG. No Mercenaries 2 demo which you said was 'confirmed', no Metallica Rock Band tracks, No Burnout Paradise DLC, no NBA 2009 demo, no mention of Locksley Rock Band tracks, no mention of Soul Caliber 4 demo, no mention of new trailers for Fallout 3, Resistance 2, and Play TV.

We already knew about the above though because of the ACTUAL news story PUBLISHED HOURS BEFORE YOURS WAS EVEN CONTRIBUTED. Oh yeah, you're so on the ball aren't you? What a cluster****.

Oh yes, are you still after my home address since you've developed a taste for acting like an internet hardman - through PMs of course because you don't have the guts to make threats in public? If you are, here you go:-

1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW
Washington, DC 20500

Go there, make sure you scream for me as loudly as you possibly can and I'll be right out to meet you.

You're a ****roach, if you don't like being stepped on, GTFO

Sev3683d ago

Interesting Panipal2005...

The US PlayStation Store received the Mercenaries 2 Demo, and the Burnout Paradise DLC turned out to be a patch.
Our rumored content articles are for the US PS store only. Hence no mention of Fallout 3, or PlayTV. That's also the reason for this being contributed AFTER the "official" UK/EU update. This was posted before the OFFICIAL US update was posted.

I find it so strange that you follow me around, harass me, degrade me, even call me out in public, yet you call me the ****roach.

Since now I know you are in the UK, its obvious that we couldn't meet face to face, so enough of that talk. Keep hiding behind your keyboard.

You do know, if you hate me so much you could ignore me. There is an ignore this user button. Instead you choose to follow me around harass me.

Panipal20053683d ago

I just don't like that you send me stuff like this via PM because you haven't got the guts to post it in public:-

"Are you in New England by any chance?
If so, why don't you send me your address, and we can sort this out.
I will teach you some respect."

"I am trying to be civil with you." (Ha. Ha. Ha. Oh. Hee. Hee. Hee.)

"So go ahead and hide behind your keyboard, internet tough guy. I promise you if we were face to face having this discussion, you wouldn't be stepping anybody."

Sev you're that stupid you don't even realise the irony of repeatedly threatening someone with violence AND calling them an 'internet tough guy'.

My address was posted above. Go there. Go there NOW. Right NOW! Your temper can't wait!

you're a ****roach, if you don't like being stepped on, GTFO.

Sev3683d ago

Funny, I never once threatened violence, I made a few comments, if you took those as threats that's because you are a paranoid lunatic.

Just like I said, I would teach you all about respect, and you wouldn't be stepping on anybody. Those aren't threats, those are facts.

You are a lunatic, and basically a stalker. You follow me around, replying to my comments, harassing me, even saving my PM's as some type of weirdo "keepsake".

You are the one calling names, calling me out, harassing me, yet you call me a ****roach. Ironic.

I have contributed to this site much more than you have. "Get the **** out"... ridiculous

Panipal20053683d ago

Well, you ARE a habitual liar, it stands to reason that you'd try to squirm off the hook by pretending you hadn't been talking about violence...even though you like saying things like, 'I'd teach you respect', common sense tells us that that's a veiled threat. Of violence.

You internet tough guy, you.

You're a ****roach, if you don't like being stepped on, GTFO

Sev3683d ago

Make your next two comments here better than that. Its all you have left. Lunatic

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LONEWOLF2313683d ago

Man it would be sweet if the fracture demo would indeed be released.

Tsalagi3683d ago

It was released as well as the mercenaries 2 demo. It's available now.

Darkiewonder3683d ago

you guys forgot to add the other D3publisher game coming to PSN Store: Cube for $9.99

drdre743683d ago

Sony is holding off on putting the NBA live demo up. lol! they are trying to push they NBA 09 off on people which makes sense i guess but nobody is going to buy NBA09. I'm waiting on NBA2K9 to release a demo.

juuken3683d ago

Demo for Fracture?
If true, I'm in!
The game interests me.

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