Final Fantasy Remakes Coming to PSP

First the NES, followed by the PlayStation, and the GBA, with a minor detour on the Wonderswan Color in Japan. Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy II are once again being remade for the PSP to celebrate Final Fantasy's 20th Anniversary. Final Fantasy Anniversary Edition and Final Fantasy II Anniversary Edition are both the fourth remake of their respective NES releases, although this time around, the graphics will get their biggest overhaul, looking more like the SNES Final Fantasies than previous remakes...

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FFVIIFan5223d ago

I can't get enough Final Fantasy.

Liquid Ocelot5222d ago

i love final fantasy great that its coming to psp

jackie chann5222d ago

Whers's VII or VI they never remake the best ones

MySwordIsHeavenly5216d ago

Patience Jackie Chan...maybe we'll get a PS3 remake of VII...or VIII< i liked 8

I have I and II on GBA:SP, but i'll get them again for's so worth it