Ranked: The Five Best Skateboarding Games of all time

With EA recently teasing Skate 4, we looked back fondly on all the best skateboarding games.

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ObviousGoldfish1542d ago

Could put others on this list instead of Thrasher and Olli Olli. Both fine titles but come on. Where is the Disney reskin of THUG?

Movefasta19931542d ago

I have played them all since ps1 and imo thug 1 and 2 were by faaaaar the best,and skate of course but that had a dull sp compared to thug 1and 2.

ONESHOTV21542d ago

The Tony Hawks on the ps2 were really good but I don't think I can sit down and play them any more maybe if I was into skating again like when I was younger

quent1542d ago

THPS 2 is all I'll ever need

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