Ranked: The Five Best Skateboarding Games of all time

With EA recently teasing Skate 4, we looked back fondly on all the best skateboarding games.

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ObviousGoldfish2495d ago

Could put others on this list instead of Thrasher and Olli Olli. Both fine titles but come on. Where is the Disney reskin of THUG?

Movefasta19932495d ago

I have played them all since ps1 and imo thug 1 and 2 were by faaaaar the best,and skate of course but that had a dull sp compared to thug 1and 2.

ONESHOTV22495d ago

The Tony Hawks on the ps2 were really good but I don't think I can sit down and play them any more maybe if I was into skating again like when I was younger

quent2495d ago

THPS 2 is all I'll ever need

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"No plans to bring Game Pass to PS or Nintendo" Phil Spencer on hardware, future of ABK & more

In our exclusive interview with Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer, we got a glimpse of the future of Xbox, and Microsoft's evolving strategy going forward.

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maniacmayhem6h ago

"But, but wait, MS wants to be a third party publisher and then at the same time MS is a monopoly!!"

Which one will it be this month folks?

Obscure_Observer5h ago

"Lol they made a party days ago.."


That was fast! XD

Eonjay5h ago

MS is already a third party publisher on both PlayStation and Nintendo. The question I think was whether or not they would exit the console industry and whether they would exit the gaming industry. Here Spencer is saying that he thinks putting GamePass on PS5 and Switch would make the people who bought just Xbox feel like they were getting a bad deal. Which is easy to understand.

First there is no reason for them to exit gaming regardless of what they do. Even if they decide that GamePass wasn't lucrative enough, they have enough content to sell an make tons of revenue off of.

Will they exit the console industry. Maybe in the deep future but why would they exit it when the MAJORITY of their GamePass subscribers are on Xbox and that is their main income stream?

To understand what the CFO was saying...all he meant was that they would take advantage of the huge PS and Nintendo player bases and sell games on those platforms JUST like they do on PC. Just by doing that alone opens them up to massive amounts of potential revenue.

PrinceOfAnger4h ago

Even sony is already a third party.. isn't MLB on Xbox and they release many games on windows PC?

DarkZane3h ago

@Eonjay "Here Spencer is saying that he thinks putting GamePass on PS5 and Switch would make the people who bought just Xbox feel like they were getting a bad deal. Which is easy to understand."

But the people who bought Xbox are already getting a bad deal.

Magic_Spatula2h ago

"Even sony is already a third party.. isn't MLB on Xbox and they release many games on windows PC?"

Sony putting out MLB games on other platforms is because of the MLB. They wanted more money and going mulitplatform was their choice. If Sony didn't agree then the MLB wouldn't renew their deal. Also, releasing games on PC just makes sense. More money and people playing their games.

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Jin_Sakai5h ago(Edited 5h ago)

Yet the CFO said the opposite. So much confusion within this company.

crazyCoconuts5h ago

I think the CFO was talking about MS content and services generally. Generally, content is already there with Minecraft and now COD. He was implying that will increase. Not necessarily via GamePass, but potentially through traditional selling via the native storefronts.

Jin_Sakai5h ago

For the disagrees.

“Xbox CFO Tim Stuart recently told attendees at the 2023 Wells Fargo TMT Summit that he wants to see Xbox Game Pass games on “every screen” possible, including rival consoles like the PS5“

maniacmayhem5h ago

There's a difference between what someone might want to see, like the CFO stated and then what is actually happening from the CEO, like Phil.

Until Phil Spencer says GP is coming to PS and Switch I would take what any other execs wishes as exactly that, wishes.

Obscure_Observer5h ago

"Yet the CFO said the opposite. So much confusion within this company."

The only "confusion" lies in the mind of delusional people expecting Xbox to leave the console market and become a third party developer for Playstation and Nintendo!

Phil just made sure and slapped it in their faces!

Eonjay5h ago


Exactly. The CFO never said GP was coming to different consoles even if I people like me still believe that just rom a business standpoint that would be the fastest way to build their numbers.

Hofstaderman5h ago

@Obscure its all unraveling rather spectacularly hey?

DarkZane3h ago

@Obscure_Observer this actually confirms they are exiting the console business and become a third party because the only thing that comes out of Phil Spencer's mouth is lies and bullshits. It's literally all he can say, he can't help himself.

I surely hope they do exit, Microsoft have always been a cancer to the industry. You say Sony won't have competition if they exit? Sorry, Nintendo fils that role perfectly.

Lightning772h ago

I even pointed it out here. https://n4g.com/comments/re...

The CFO said he wanted BZ (Bethesda Zenimax) to "play better" or "first" on Xbox. Suggesting a PS version coming later. That idea obviously got shut down. I even said a few days ago he Doesn't call the shots. Tim Stuart wants to go Multiplat clearly. Phil doesn't, at least not the way Tim Stuart is suggesting anyway.

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gold_drake5h ago

i agree with you

but heres the thing. all of these people say something different. the CFO said something very different not that long ago.

either Phil is a very bad boss in managing his team, or they just dont rly care whats being said.

Hofstaderman5h ago(Edited 5h ago)

Or this is the first signs of a revolt against Phil from the rest of the Board. The CFO is primarily responsible for the oversight of financial strategy in a division or entity. Financial strategy is not left to the CEO by his or her lonesome but deliberated by the entirety of the division board and established in a service delivery plan. The CFO making that statement is very telling and Philly boy is doing damage control which, by the way, is the only thing he has ever done since coming in after Don.

-Foxtrot4h ago(Edited 4h ago)

Honestly this seems like a PR response to the CFO saying that

I mean Phil was asked

“I asked Phil Spencer about Xbox CFO Tim Stuart's recent comments regarding Xbox Game Pass. Stuart, in a presentation with Wells Fargo, said that Microsoft's aim was to bring Xbox Game Pass to any screen that can play games, including Nintendo and PlayStation.

Then Phil also knows Xbox fans, his own fanbase, we’re then speculating

“Many Xbox fans took that to indicate that Microsoft is preparing for an industry where Xbox hardware no longer exists,”

So yeah, seems standard “every just calm down there” PR talk to me

wiz71912h ago

@gold_drake MS tried and already failed at trying to get GP on PS and Nintendo .. they both rejected the idea because they have their own subscription services , so no matter what the CFO says it won’t happen.

derek4h ago

@maniac, tell that to that dopey Microsoft CFO, COO(?) he's the one who said they wanted gamepass on Nintendo/playstation. I guess multiple personalities Phil Spencer has contradicted himself as well, who knows what his position will be next week. Guy never shut up, lol.

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purple1015h ago

"Banjo fans, we hear you"

Is that a hint banjo kazooie is in development?